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Let me start off with: I have been on weekly allergy shots for 6 years, every. Single. Flippin. Week. I just stopped taking them and guess what? My "food allergies" are gone. Imagine that lol. I basically told the allergist "don't you think even after a few years I should be going in monthly and my allergies should be better?" she goes "ohhhh yeah makes sense since you have so many autoimmune diseases that the shots just might not work for you or be right for you!" I was just DONE after that. I feel great being off them.

Now for the singulair part for allergies and asthma, I want off. I'm just so done with doctors and medicine. My asthma is only bad after allergy shots. But since stopping singulair, I have this awful cough, very phlemmy. It has been three days. Anyone have these symptoms? I'm just so torn to take them but i know that's my body being addicted to them.
Your cough may be a sign the asthma is flaring up without the singular. That doesn't mean an addiction to it, just means you still need it. If it helps you, why fight being on it. One pill daily to help control allergies and asthma is really not a bad thing in my opinion.
She would hear my wheezing when i'd laugh and bad cough and just be like oh dear that doesn't sound good. Keep up with the shots.

When the shots were causing this asthma to be much much worse than it ever was.

Okay thank you very much I will google one of those and tell him/her what I was told.

Sorry I'm just so ticked off I wasted my time going to her. I also (when I got off shots and singulair for 6 months) went to another specialist, they gave me shots I couldn't tolerate and made me very sick, and they said I was allergic to this and that when my other specialist said I wasn't. I don't know who to trust anymore

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