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If you have pain in your forehead, you could have a sinus infection that the antibiotic didn't clear up. 8 months of this IMO warrants a CT scan of sinuses to verify whether infection is present or not. If not, then allergies are the probable culprit, and may be a problem as a baseline, as allergies predispose to sinus infections. Some antibiotics don't work well on sinus infections and a longer treatment time may be needed in some cases. Have you seen an ENT? That and an allergist would be helpful. Tichou's recommendation for saline rinses, antihistamines (try a variety) are good ones. You might also take guaifenisin (OTC) to thin the mucus to help it drain. Sometimes you have to attack allergies on many fronts to get good results, ie the nasal steroids, nasal anti-histamines, all these things, plus good environmental control of allergens.

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