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... I like to try new things and have never had any serious problems with allergies. So I thought nothing of trying this fruit for the first time. I put it on some yogurt and ate a few bites. The yogurt wasn't too good, so then I decided to drink the thawed acai berry puree straight from the packet. ... (0 replies)
Allergy meds
Mar 24, 2007
... Keegs, do you only have the mold allergy or do you have others also? ... (3 replies)
... this is where your immune cells are. If your gut and immune cells are healthy, allergies will be better. If the nasonex works, maybe the doctors could add more allergy medicines such as zyrtec or Singulair. Nasonex will only work for the nose and if she has asthma, she needs an allergy medicine for her body and lungs. ... (7 replies)

... i lost 13 lbs....for me i believe its caused by my allergy induced ASTHMA inflammation ..... ... (10 replies)
... People with an allergy to sulfa drugs may have problems with other drugs that have a similar chemical make up but are not technically sulfa drugs. ... (1 replies)
... thanks.I shall give that a go (5 replies)
... I just found out about 2 months ago that i am severly allergic to cow's milk with a minor allergy to goats milk and butter. my food allergy report says that i am not allergic to yogurt, swiss cheese, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese and american cheese. ... (4 replies)
... My wife has allergy with calcium and Vitamin C. I am not quite sure if it is allergy or not but whenever she intakes either of it, she starts to have body pains and her stomach goes wrong and many other things happen. ... (0 replies)
... The Allergy grades are below... ... (7 replies)
... old really enjoyed it. There's also Soy yogurt and other products that can still help you fill the void of not having the milk until he can tolerate it. ... (7 replies)
... arihalli, I am not a pro at this allergy thing yet because I am new to all of this as of this year. However, I do have the same symptoms as well and have since July. ... (10 replies)
... I have very similar symptoms...and a question as well....When allergy season comes i am prepared with allegra and nasal rinsing but i still get sinusitis.....and once i do its awful....i finally go and get antibiotics.... ... (10 replies)
... KnoKno, it doesn't look like you are on any antihistamines like Zyrtec. I would ask your doctor about it. Do you have dust mite covers on your mattress/pillow (wash them periodically too)? Do you keep your windows closed to keep out the pollen? I would also shower every night before bed to wash the pollen out of your hair. This will give you a nice break over night while... (3 replies)
... Can you eat yogurt every day. Yogurt is healthy for your gut because of the live cultures and your gut is where your immune cells are. Then you are not on any antihistamines? ... (5 replies)
... ouch or eat it, but touching makes the rash more severe. as a baby i used to throw it up, but as i've gotten older i get the rash type of reaction. it's not an allergy to mess with. ... (4 replies)
... get nausea from soy lecithin when I was 15 but back then I was eating large doses as a supplement. I developed lactose intolerance at 20 and have been using soy yogurt and soy milk for 28 years with no nausea but lately discovered that I get dry scaly skin and my Rosacea goes crazy from soy products. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for the replies on this issue! We spoke to the pediatric allergist's office again, and they told us that in cases such as ours (that the blood test showed only a very slight allergy to the milk), to go ahead and try it. So we have been slowly giving him more and more, and he is doing just fine. No hives, no vomiting. He was on a soy formula, but he is now on almost... (7 replies)
Red Dye Allergy
Oct 15, 2005
... My daughter is allergic to ALL Red Dye in foods and drinks unless it is all natural such as natural Carmine coloring, Beet Juice or natural juices. She has been tested and we also went through a trial and error process for six months in 1998 to 1999 to determine what she was allergic to. It started when she was a year and a half and we introduced her to real foods. She... (10 replies)
... Im still in the process of learning about this type of allergy myself. ... (19 replies)
Milk allergy?
Mar 29, 2003
... rand of macaroni and cheese and other brands he can't, because he'll show a reaction, the same with cookies some he can have others he can't, he can have low fat yogurt one brand only, american cheese. Does anyone know what this is? ... (0 replies)

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