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... Now, the dizziness that I have I can tell you right now comes from my sinuses. I've known that from the get go, and most people can tell you where their dizziness comes from as well. Mine started with a really bad sinus infection. ... (48 replies)
... d and at times experienced actual vertigo. In addition, I woke up every day with a headache over my eye as well as facial pressure and constant congestion. The dizziness was the most unsettling feeling, though. The ENT I went to suggested an MRI and blood test to rule out Lymes, MS and anything else serious. ... (1 replies)
... This is standard practice after sinus surgery. If it isn't done, scar tissue can cause a blockage and an additional infection can develop. ... (15 replies)

... My story and I'm trying to find answers. I have been fighting dizziness since Sept. Some spells are worse than others.... Meaning some keep me in bed and others I fight through and face work, along with my other responsibilities. ... (51 replies)
... or that I am still inflamed. I have heard sometimes people after their sinus surgery it has taken them 3 months for all the inflamation to go down. SO far it has been 1 and a half months since I had the surgery. ... (15 replies)
... said that was a mistake by the ER cause it viral and they dont work. and was given meclizine for the dizziness an dhe told me try not to take it cause it make it harder for your brain to go back to normal. ... (51 replies)
... then last week i had a bad sinus infection and the dizziness came back..HARD! ... (51 replies)
... y stay in body for longer than you'd think. Also, it takes awhile for your body to calm down from a severre allergic reaction. Were you taking the Ceftin for a sinus infection? ... (3 replies)
... had a sinus infection and was up all night motion sick, thought it was something i ate. about 4 days later i felt like i was spiking a fever but never did. ... (16 replies)
... Dizziness can be from several different things. One being inner ear and the other being sinuses. You can have all sorts of inner ear problems and sinus problems. ... (5 replies)
... well up shut. I have asthma 2 so my doctor refers to it as a "reactive airway", meaning all of my airways are reactive, as they all are connected. Not too long after my ETD symptoms started, my asthma symptoms started. ... (2 replies)
... Do you have evidence of a sinus infection? ... (20 replies)
... ible right now and I don't know what to do. Here's some background info. I'm 20 years old. Had a really bad alcohol problem a year ago and smoked for five years. After I got a handle of my alcohol problem I should have been the healthiest I'd been in a while but I started feeling awful. It got worse as the months went by. ... (3 replies)
... since you have a sinus infection it will be hard for you to tell. I find when I have an infection, the dizziness gets worse after taking my meds, because it loosens everything up and allows it to move other places like my ears. ... (2 replies)
... Not all dizziness comes from ears being blocked. Blocked sinuses can't do the same thing and have the same feeling. If you have a sinus infection I suggest of course take your antibiotics, but also start irrigating your sinuses with saline. This will keep them clear and reduce inflammtion. ... (6 replies)
... Well, since I got dizzy last year I haven't ever figured out why. Seems after the bad sinus infection I had my Eustachian tube acted up. ... (2 replies)
Fluid in ears
Apr 22, 2004
... I have very bad sinuses and always getting sinus infections. A couple months ago, I went to the doctors because I was getting dizzy. My ear would clog, pressure under and above my eyes. ... (7 replies)
Feb 7, 2003
... h better. All of the crunching noises have gone along with the pain. I am feeling confident that my ear will cope with descent in an aircraft. I still have the sinus infection but am on antibiotics, I don't think my sinus problems will clear until I have the surgery. ... (9 replies)
... related. If you had a bacterial sinus infection, or acute sinusitis, your condition would have deteriorated. ... (10 replies)
... some cramping in the palms. After many tests, I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. ... (3 replies)

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