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... I was told that Labrynthitis can last longer than 3 months. For the first 3 weeks I had very bad vertigo and a very congested head. I felt horrible for 2 ! ... (16 replies)
... she was having fluid build up and ear infections so they finally put tubes in, she said she was fine after that and they eventually fell out, and never needed them again, she did not mention any allergies, just fluid and infection. ... (16 replies)
... had a sinus infection and was up all night motion sick, thought it was something i ate. about 4 days later i felt like i was spiking a fever but never did. ... (16 replies)

... i dont really have the tinnitus that i have noticed, i was suspected of having lab eary on but the ent said it does not last 12 weeks and does not stop and start. what are your feelings on this. he also said to watch the salt and caffine, not sure why. were you given this advice as well. ... (16 replies)
... My lab came and dragged on but it went away. There were times when I would feel great for a couple of days and then feel terrible again. It's known to do that but don't let that discourage you. ... (16 replies)
Hives and coughing
Dec 15, 2010
... For Hives and coughing,"Taiwanguy" is so very very right about what he said in his post. ... (13 replies)
... Histamines are a natural response of our system and it means that our body is trying to communicate with us . ... (13 replies)
Salt allergies
Feb 12, 2008
... I first developed severe swelling in my feet and lower legs. Of course I stopped adding salt to my food or eating anything with salt. ... (1 replies)
... Allergies can really make a person MISERABLE and this has been the worst season for me since 1985. My suggestion to you is to go buy a nasal rinse and do that twice a day, but make sure you use a solution that is good for the nose and not salt and water because salt and water can do damage to the membranes. ... (10 replies)
... On and off over the past few years, but more recently over the past few weeks, I have developed an allergy to some kind of food or foods. ... (3 replies)
... The best way to avoid salt and msg is to prepare your own foods from scratch, using single ingredients. As you note, this can take time. ... (1 replies)
... Abrie, there is another Allergies thread called "Neti Pot Solution Question" from maybe January or February of this year you may want to read. ... (4 replies)
... David...I need more instructions if you can. How much sea salt and baking soda. Exactly how to irrigate and how much do you take in and does it sting, burn....what can I expect. Thanks. You seem to have this condition so under control! ... (4 replies)
... Milk allergies no longer! I am 45 and have had severe allergies to milk and casseinate which is a by product to milk. ... (2 replies)
Salt allergies
Oct 1, 2007
... Can around my eyes get swollen with eating salt and what can I do if they get swollen? ... (0 replies)
... ter months. Dry nose is the most common cause for nosebleeds. Blowing your nose, having a very dry environment can lead to nosebleeds. Even using nose sprays for allergies can cause nosebleeding. ... (2 replies)
... I use salt and baking soda solution to irrigate sinuses. This washes out allergens in the nasal passages that most likely are the cause of the drippy nose. ... (2 replies)
Salt allergies
Feb 13, 2008
... Salt and swelling of your feet and legs sounds like fluid retention, not allergy. Do you know why you have sleep apnea? ... (1 replies)
... Yes, I was 42 when I got hit hard by dairy allergies. Could not sleep for more than 2 hours and the sneezing was horrible. Bottom line you need to try nasal irrigation with sea salt and baking soda. ... (4 replies)
... e reaction. If you believe the food allergy tests, then you might start eliminating a few of your least favorite foods, that are on their "alleged" allergy list, and see if your symptoms improve. ... (4 replies)

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