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... Hi, my boyfriend moved in with me several months ago, we are in our 20s and otherwise healthy, but he has developed a quite severe rash all over his neck, back, torso, and it's starting to spread down his arms. We cannot for the life of us figure out what is causing it. ... (1 replies)
... I have taken 7 of 10 Avelox pills for sinus infection. For two days I have had a horrid itchy as heck rash all over my body. ... (1 replies)
... started pee wee football about 2 weeks ago. He started breaking out last week with a rash over his whole body, inc palms of hands, bottom of feet, etc. Could this be an allergic reaction to the grass or maybe a severe heat rash? ... (0 replies)

... The only other time I've encountered this severe reaction is at work. ... (9 replies)
Feb 22, 2005
... erience with this medicine. While she is explaining that my heart may start to race a little fast, I start to feel my heart jumping out of my chest and I flopped over on the bed and my arms went numb from my elbows all the way to my finger tips. So I was admitted to the hospital for having an adverse reaction to epinephrine. ... (78 replies)
... hives all over my body. I first noticed the rash on Monday and now it's Saturday and it just keeps spreading. I've been to the ER twice and they gave me steroids and anti histamines to help. ... (6 replies)
... Histamines are a natural response of our system and it means that our body is trying to communicate with us . ... (7 replies)
... Does anyone have severe "itchies" all over your body, but no visible rash, no hives, no discoloration, etc.? ... (0 replies)
... Tip. Take photos of your rash to show your doctor, because there are different types. ... (148 replies)
... Tip. Take photos of your rash to show your doctor, because there are different types. ... (148 replies)
... Hi, I joined ages ago and have again found this forum, as my 4 year old has only just recently developed an allergic reaction, she broke out in a rash all over her body including her face. ... (0 replies)
... Take the maximum dosage of allergy medicine right this minute. Not a decongenstant, an antihistamine. (2 benadryl works great) Do not get behind the wheel if the benadryl makes you really tired. Call your doctor. He will tell you not to take any more, he might or might not provide a different antibiotic to complete your treatment. (1 replies)
... :wave:i have had s/j/s for 25yrs i can not take any medication esp pain relief,i get a severe rash all over,blisteres in eyes,ears,mouth and genetals bcos ive been in and out off hospital most of my life with pneumonia,shingles and many more at 47yrs i have had to give up f/t job as ive now got chronic pain ,cervical stenosis,DDD 4L/5L lower lumber collapsed fatigue... (0 replies)
... My father has a particular vine that he is REALLY allergic to. If he brushes against it, first he'll break out there, then the rash will start popping out all over his body, and sometimes his eyes even swell shut. ... (6 replies)
... augmentin for 1wk it helped the psorisis sores on my scalp and glands went down. Now I am on Zitrhomax he feels I needed the penicillin longer, I stopped due to rash and severe dirrehea. I have a skin disease, porokeratosis and must stay out of the sun! Anyone else have this? ... (0 replies)
... But allergies come in diff "degrees" for diff people and even diff have effects in the same body . ... (5 replies)
... I got a red rash on my legs for two days last week which appeared when I got out of the shower that faded shortly after. ... (0 replies)
Jan 13, 2005
... I was having a terrible time with hives, welts over my entire body. The itching was so severe I felt as though my skin was on fire. The strange thing was I only got it at work. ... (78 replies)
... My background is that I have always had very mild, manageable allergies. Examples include the things like since childhood I have gotten a rash on my arms if I use the wrong dishsoap, occaisional mild asthma and respiratory allergy reactions, and mild rashes on my body from time to time. ... (8 replies)
The Hives Thread
Oct 23, 2003
... The doctor said that the body breaks down bee venom in about 10 days max and so that couldn't be it but he still thought I should still do the immunology. Strange? ... (68 replies)

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