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... fite sensitivity, therefore I eliminated wine and salad dressing vinegrettes out of my diet 3 weeks ago. My house is very minimally dusty. I use free and clear shampoo and conditions which are sulfate, paraben and fragrance free. I do not use perfumes. Only free and clear detergents. ... (7 replies)
... I get allergy shots. It really helps to bring the overall allergic reaction down. You can take Zyrtec for the allergic symptoms but it can make you drowsy. ... (8 replies)
... NOTE: I originally posted this on another board some time ago, but I wanted to get your guy's take on it. Thanks! ------------------ Alright, I've made a few posts over the last two years but I'lI sum up my condition as the following progression of symptoms: post-nasal drip -> brain fog -> headache -> cough. I now suffer all of these as a chronic condition, and all... (7 replies)

Apr 29, 2008
... Is it an allergic reaction to something? ... (1 replies)
... My adult daughter has come to visit and she's a mess!! Becomes very anxious when symptoms appear. Super sensitive to chemicals of any sort, even shampoo, soap etc. Just walking past someone with certain smells will set her symptoms off. As soon as she enters a store where there is anything adverse there is an instant reaction. The TONGUE gets an awful burning... (1 replies)
... Hi all! I've had my allergy testing this week (Mon & Wed) and will have the final reading Friday for the 23 allergen testing(contact) on my back. Here I still sit covered in hives which actually got worse today because the temperature went from the 60's to the 80's today--at least I think that's a good reason for a radical change. I am allergic to hair dye, carba mix,... (5 replies)
... I have suffered with allergies of one kind or another my whole life (27 now) Eczema, psoriasis, pollen, animals, yeast, dairy etc... So I like to think I know a bit about these things and this latest is affliction is odd. I moved into a new flat not long ago and after a slow period of feeling a bit itchy in the flat I broke out in terrible hives (can't sleep, concentrate... (2 replies)
... Maybe you are allergic to something else in addition to yellow dye. My best friend suffered with hives breakouts for several years from an undetermined cause. She was hospitalized twice because her throat swelled up. She went through a battery of medical tests and she tested negative for everything. She finally found a good allergist who determined she is allergic to... (11 replies)
... ing else that is reacting to the water the only thing new in my life in the last few months is I have gone onto natural products for my hair and skin and now use shampoo bars, and soap bars and shea butter on my skin. I do not use anything in the bath though. ... (14 replies)
... Visitors who are staying are encouraged to use my shampoo etc. ... (8 replies)
... I also had some red rashes on my biceps quite frequently. After the patch testing, I realized my deodorant, shampoo and hand soap all contained blue dye. I know a lot of toothpastes do too. ... (3 replies)
... This message is in response to Cut-Throats claim of the load of ka-ka and lack of real science in my posting. Posting messages to help others in their suffering and to hopefully lead an individual towards the success that my family has enjoyed was the reason I started posting messages on health boards. Responses like the one I received from Cut-Throat is the reason why I... (9 replies)
... have you considered your headache may be a sinus headache? you may not realize that your sinuses are swollen when they are. just an idea. (4 replies)
... I was told that unless you have a histimine type reaction that you are not allergic (Not that I believe it) My dr told me that my reactions to perfume (instant horrible headache like someone hit me with a frying pan) were perfume INTOLERANCE. If I wash my hair with a shampoo that has added fragrance, my head will hurt til I wash it again (washing the fragrance out) I... (4 replies)
... your quote" Have you had any tests run by an allergist to see if you have developed an allergic reaction to anything? ... (53 replies)
... hives on my head,forehead and back of neck.I also had an itchy rash on other areas of my body.I went to the dr. and was told that it was most likely an allergic reaction to my shampoo even though I had been using it for years.It was in a larger bottle and the packaging was a little different. ... (7 replies)

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