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... reactions the onset will be within an hour if not minutes or seconds depending on your allergy and the number of stings. Sometimes you may get hives, usually forming on the torso first and spreading to the limbs, or just redness. ... (7 replies)
... You need to see an allergist asap. An allergist will do a complete blood work up to eliminate any possible causes of hives. Epstein Barr is one of them that needs to be eliminated. Thyroid problems are another. ... (6 replies)
... Last Sunday, I woke up with huge bumps on my lower body that were extremely itchy, red, hard, flat, and hot. Never having experienced or seen anything like this, I panicked. ... (6 replies)

... Just a thought. I had unexplained hives for two years. I suspected a latex allergy because sometimes the hives came after having a blood test or being at the dr's office, but not always. ... (8 replies)
... That pain in the neck can fail or go hyper at anytime and cause issues. The main thing that you have to look into is autoimmune thyroid disorders. They are one of the last things checked.. but if you have a thyroid storm.. even a small one.. you can exhibit all the symptoms you described in flux cycles for days and dasy.. ... (6 replies)
... I recently moved back in with my parents and am experiencing a strange reaction...the weird thing is, it only occurs after I sleep at my parent's home. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you everyone and Jenny, UPDATE Last Friday night another reaction. Hands itching really bad, hives, shortness of breath. Went to ER and they pushed Sol Medrol, benadryl, Zantac, and epinephrine. My arms felt really weird and I felt so sick from all the meds..... ... (8 replies)
What do you feel?
Jun 11, 2006
... pain, headache, post nasal drip, runny nose, ear ache, itchy ears, fullness in ears as they fill with fluid, ringing, dry sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath, and hives. This all occurs even when I'm medicated, but thankfully I never get a "stuffy" nose, and I rarely sneeze. ... (4 replies)
... every time even with them changing the shot dosage or amount of allergens in each. For the last two years I have been on singulair, xyzal, albuterol and symbicort and they have been somewhat managed. ... (2 replies)
... from cheese to breads with lots of yeast, and dried fruit. ... (6 replies)
... I have SEVERE allergies. I feel sick every single day, with the usual sore throat, post nasal drip, headache, itchy eyes, etc., etc. You name it, I have it. ... (17 replies)
... This may be far fetched, but inventory your contact with latex. I had unexplained hives etc and suspected latex because I have heart disease and diabetes and have lots of medical procedures, tests, bloodwork. ... (2 replies)
... Asthma doctor this morning to test for food allergies. I think it was the scratch test. They pinched me with something on my back, 8 different times. It felt very uncomfortable and I would say a little painful. They also gave me 3 different injections on my arm. ... (4 replies)
... more diarrhea, headache, chest pain, shortness of breath,etc. ... (0 replies)
... e Dermatographism plus Keratosis Pilaris. I take Allegra 180mg once a day and so far that has worked for me. If I miss it I start to notice it. The other part of your letter caught my eye though. I started doing allergy tests to find out why I itch. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks for replying so quickly! Yes. It was pretty scarey. The strange thing is, I have eaten soy, corn, limes, etc with no problems before. I like to add pure lime juice to my water. The ER nurses and Doc wonder if it is one of the "chemicals" used in Doritos or the colouring? ... (7 replies)
... hard to breath with allergies? ... (0 replies)
... I can relate to what you are experiencing because I have a history of anaphylaxis to latex and certain foods related to my latex allergy. ... (6 replies)
Peanut Allergy
Jan 14, 2004
... peanuts. i haven't hit the saturation point of fainting, but now that i look back over the past several years of eating peanuts, i've had some problems. it starts with facial hives, then it would go to heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and severe headaches. ... (6 replies)
... You have milk or lactose intolerance, as after you drink milk or dairy with lactose in it, then you have the normal bellyache and diarrhea. ... (8 replies)

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