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... e right side nose inner cheek area just under the right eye and also the eye itself, this is were I have pain and tenderness. I also get right sided ear neck and head pressure and tightness. ... (2 replies)
... es were swelled up pretty good from allergies.I got tested after and I'm 4on5 for pollens and 3on5 for dust mites. Here is where I'm confused, lately it seems my head pressure has gone down a lot. Less pressure in my ears,bridge of nose, teeth and jaw. ... (0 replies)

... I'm in the same boat and I'm still not convinced all my symptoms are allergies even though I've had endless tests. I've never had such horrible feeling of sinus pressure, facial pressure, ear pressure , post nasal drip , upset stomach from post nasal drip, muscle tension, and dizziness just an all in all god awful year!! ... (13 replies)
... Hello, I am new to these boards. But, have come across your posts in C-Trimeton. I have lots of allergies going on, was tested last week at my ENTs office. Am experiencing sinus head pressure, stuffy ears, tinnitus, PND at times and off-balance feeling. Had a CT sinus scan done two days ago and will see my ENT in a few days. I started taking the C-Trimeton today, 4... (6 replies)
... head pressure situation does sound like the problem is coming from work. Can you use a good dust mask one day at work to see if the problem disappears? ... (5 replies)
... Scoring 5 on the dogs makes me concerned because one dog does sleep in my bedroom at night. I don't have the normal reaction to allergies: sinus head pressure, off balance, PND, ear fullness feeling,,,i.e. not runny, Sneezy, nose type stuff. I am wondering if I should have my dog sleep outside of my bedroom at night? The allergy nurse didnt seem as concerned about... (11 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear that your sinus infection problems haven't improved! I can remember how miserable I was when I had sinus infections all the time, one after another. ... (20 replies)
... In November of 2006 I felt what I believed to be a "head cold" coming on. It made me feel lightheaded, like I was in a "brain fog." My head wasn't clear. I though to myself, "It will go away in a few days." It never did. It was CONSTANT... ... (5 replies)
... He diagnosed me with a serious ear infection and sinus infection and prescribes me 10 days of amoxicillin 875mg and Flonase. Also, an ECG and heart monitor are ordered to make sure that my heart is okay. ... (15 replies)
... tarted racing, i woke up in the morning and my heart was beating hard, not fast, and i was have a little trouble breathing i went to the doc and he said it was a sinus infection, and the rest was stress, he gave me antibioticts. ... (2 replies)
... or am i going crazy!" Anyway i went to the Doctor today to get some sort of medication because this head pressure business is driving up the wall. Basically, she felt i had allergies and gave me "one a day" Allegra and some nasal spray. ... (1 replies)
... I have been posing in the sinus Problems board for some time now looking for a solution to the problems I have been experiencing. ... (1 replies)
... sted morning and night 24 hours a day for the next 5 or 6 days. It began in my stomach for the first couple days, went on to my chest, then my neck area, then my head and then it went away. Then after I felt okay again and would get excited and get the normal butterfly feeling in my stomach it wasn't the same sensation. ... (3 replies)
... and lots of dizziness EVERYDAY!!!. Also aches and pressure in the back of my head. ... (4 replies)
... I have had the worst pressure in my head. I wake up every morning and I am somewhat congested but not annoyingly so. Once I am up and around I am aware at times of postnasal drip. ... (5 replies)
... If you are asking if I have tried Prednisone, the answer is that I have, but I have found it works for a few days and then I am back to square one, so, to me, it is a false lift and I am HORRIFIED of using it, after what I have read. Have you tried aloe vera for your GERD? Make sure it has NO vitamin c in it because I bought a bottle, never thinking it would have it, but... (8 replies)
... Second thing i found helpful for sinus pressure was the SAME THING my mom used to do 50yrs ago.... 2 or 3 times per day i put a towel over my head and breathe in vapors from a pot of water on the stove. It can relieve the pressure. But it needs to be done several days in a row. ... (8 replies)
... s itchy, very itchy in my eyes at times. This may be due to just plain allergies as im mildly allergic to my cats. I do not see signs of infection. Could it be a sinus infection spread to my eye area? ... (3 replies)
... PND in itself is not what causes the ETD. ETD is caused by inflammation and possibly some PND in the sinuses that throws off the perfect balance of pressure between the outer ear and the ET. ... (5 replies)

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