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... d and at times experienced actual vertigo. In addition, I woke up every day with a headache over my eye as well as facial pressure and constant congestion. The dizziness was the most unsettling feeling, though. The ENT I went to suggested an MRI and blood test to rule out Lymes, MS and anything else serious. ... (1 replies)
... I have been suffering with horrible sinus headaches for the past 5 years, about 1 a week or once every 2 weeks. Today I have such a sinus headache between my eyes. But I cannot take OTC meds because I have negative reactions to the ingredients. ... (11 replies)
... I'm new to this board. I am quite certain I have allergies. For the past 5 or more years, my sinuses have been almost chronically stuffed and I get sinus headaches very often. ... (11 replies)

... I am the Queen of Sinus Headaches. ... (1 replies)
Allergy question
May 15, 2018
... inally went to an acupuncturist and she has done more good for me than anything else. It takes a little time, but an acupuncturist will relieve the pressure and headaches to a great degree. ... (1 replies)
... Chiggans, I was the one that originally posted about Chlortrimeton and lightheaded/dizzy relief. I started posting on this forum about 4 or 5 years ago and still visit it occasionally. The C-trimeton has worked for me for about 5 years. Last year I probably became more allergic and the 2-12 hr. C-trimeton was not enough. So now, I suppliment the C-trimeton with the Nasal... (17 replies)
... Technically, the dizziness is caused by swelling in the soft tissue of the ethmoid sinus around your eyes. All sinuses can become inflamed, but these are the most common. ... (17 replies)
Allergy question
May 14, 2018
... nd cheekbones, toothache, dizziness, ears popping but not sick. Since I am not sick and not congestion I wonder if this is allergies and the headache may be a sinus headache? ... (1 replies)
... py that you guys are experiencing these symptoms, but it's comforting to know that these symptoms are more than likely just really weird allergies. i can handle sinus headaches, stuffiness, sneezing... ... (30 replies)
... Your headaches are from Sinusitis, a inflammation of the sinus cavities. I went through the same thing. I had headaches on top of my head, behind my ears, and around my nose. This is NOT normal, and it is not from allergies. ... (15 replies)
For sneezydiva
Oct 27, 2005
... They will have my new shots ready to go Monday. Yay! As far as my symptoms, I had major head congestion, (though my nasal congestion wasn't too bad) frequent and horrible sinus headaches, my ears felt very full, brain fog, occasional dizziness, very thick PND, very tired all the time, I needed 10-12 hours of sleep. My allergist was very sympathetic to all these... (4 replies)
... I didn't even realize I had sinus problems for a really long time.. ... (5 replies)
... Let me know where you move to if it will help your allergies! You may find a lot of moving vans behind you because everyone in the city is complaining. (8 replies)
... beit but to an urban area with ready access to specialist !! The fatigue is the thing that probably bothers me most as I am normally a high energy individual.the headaches and occasional dizziness have caused me to lose lots of my confidence.i have an am trying everything. ... (8 replies)
... exhausted to the point where I've almost wanted to cry because I've felt so tired. I've also experienced dizziness, sinus headaches, and just a general feeling of being weak and unwell. ... (2 replies)
... Many things could cause u feel dizzy especially sinus pressure, and headaches. Sometimes you could be having both. ... (51 replies)
... c of the sinus and eye problems. They all seem to go together. ... (3 replies)
... worst ear aches in the world all my life from growing up in a place full of pollens and pollutants...So thats why I was the first to say it must be allergies ,or sinus or ears ..thus going to the ent..but He said everything was fine and no worries.He said that the combination of things mentioned were enough to cause it.. ... (7 replies)
... me for an MRI which revealed nothing. THe only thing that he said it could be was a "migraine process" which I think very strange considering I don't really have headaches other than the occassional sinus headache! ... (8 replies)
Nasal Sprays
Jun 12, 2004
... Thanks very much to everyone for the info. I've read (maybe here) that nasal sprays don't go into your blood stream. I hope that's true. ps. I'm not sure what is causing my nasal stuffiness/sinus swelling/pressure/headaches/dizziness/ear infections/sinus infections. I've never had allergies before. This all started in March. I've been having allergy tests to... (5 replies)

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