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... It was never a big deal and I never took anything regularly for allergies. Occasionally my primary doctor would say I had post nasal drip and prescribe a steroid nasal spray. I never even felt like I needed to use that very much. ... (6 replies)
... I went through the same thing about six months ago, trying to figure out if my post nasal drip was allergies or reflux. Here's what I learned. ... (18 replies)
... i have a horrible sinus infection but alot of thick post nasal drip. has anyone had post nasal drip and the area it drips out of is burning? ... (1 replies)

... feels like ...thick constant post nasal drip going down the back of my throat on for several weeks now. This is dreadful. ... (0 replies)
... I too suffer from constant post nasal drip. The only time it subsides is if I go to Mexico where the air is apparently cleaner. Went to an ENT specialist and was prescribed Atrovent Nasal Spray. ... (6 replies)
... nasal drip that is driving me nuts. It leaves a horrible taste in my mouth and I am constantly eating mints and chewing gum to avoid bad breath. ... (13 replies)
... For many months now I'm suffering from a light headache above the eyes and post nasal drip when I swallow. The headache is usually better in the evening and worse in the morning. ... (4 replies)
... in clinic last month because once again, my symptoms were acting up. Sore throat, itchy eyes, cough, and horrible nasal congestion. I was also extremely fatigued. He treated me for a sinus infection, and I was given a 7 day course of Biaxin XL, and was also prescribed Nasonex. ... (3 replies)
... If you have pain in your forehead, you could have a sinus infection that the antibiotic didn't clear up. 8 months of this IMO warrants a CT scan of sinuses to verify whether infection is present or not. ... (4 replies)
... It's very common IMO, especially if you have a sinus infection on only that side. Have you been checked out for a sinus infection. Many women develop sinus problems during pregnacy. THe hormones cause the sinus tissue to swell, and then they don't drain properly, eventually causing an infection. ... (10 replies)
Post Nasal Drip?
May 15, 2006
... CT scan will be for diagnosis of my sinuses, which will be more accurate than xrays. I'm on antibiotics for sinus infection, but likethedocs say, its a hit and miss. ... (10 replies)
... Try Atrovent nasal spray. My ENT prescribed it. It helps with the PND, however it dries my sinuses up to the point that I get a sinus infection. I am prone to sinus infections, so maybe you wouldn't have that problem. ... (13 replies)
... llergy sufferer, and your symptoms sound so much like mine. I have a constant stuffy nose and drainage down the throat. All that drainage eventually turns into a sinus infection. I also get sinus headaches and sometimes earaches from the fluid in my ears. ... (8 replies)
... Hate to tell you but Zyrtec, Flonase, Singulair, Astelin, they are the best of the allergy meds. you might want to make sure you don't have a sinus infection that is causing the problem. Also, have you tried sinus irrigation? ... (2 replies)
... Mine has always been clear so my dr knew right away it probably wasn't a sinus infection because he said they're colored while allergy drainage is clear. That might help you to determine what it is. ... (13 replies)
... I've never been told that I have an actual sinus infection. He just says I have a lot of drainage. How do you know if it is an infection? ... (10 replies)
... Seems it's getting worse, it's either a cold or could be a sinus infection. ... (5 replies)
... ibve been refered to ENT just waitng for an appoiintment. i had an xray to say my sinuses are clear. its not sinus infection. ... (4 replies)
... st started this summer. If it's been going on for months like mine, you can go to an ear nose and throat specialist and if they cannot find physical cause like a sinus infection you can ask them to refer you to an allergist. ... (4 replies)
... No i don't believe it is a food allegy as i have been tested and nothing showsup , it just was wondering if a person that had a sinus infection could get upset stomach from it or not? ... (7 replies)

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