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... I am so sorry to hear that your sinus infection problems haven't improved! I can remember how miserable I was when I had sinus infections all the time, one after another. ... (20 replies)
... It sounds like allergies to me. Out of control allergies can mimic sinus infections IME. ... (10 replies)
... EGADS! Get a second or third opinion before having any surgery. I've struggled with sinus and allergy disorders for the last thirteen years and I would NEVER allow anyone to do surgery on my sinus's after the research I've done. ... (15 replies)

... have been mentioned. I started having issues with being lightheaded in January. I always seem to be stuffy. Have taken allergy meds for years, but started having sinus problems 4 years ago. I even had sinus surgery, which really helped cut down on the number of sinus infections I get. ... (5 replies)
... or sinus membranes. These very moist membranes almost never heal on their own resulting in unhealthy conditions ripe for repeated sinus infections. ... (14 replies)
... in 2 days I had a full blown sinus infection. I took a antibiotic and it did nothing for me. ... (3 replies)
... Well, I have another sinus infection and just got back from my ENT. He took a culture of my mucous and say he thinks he knows what is wrong with me. ... (5 replies)
Brain Fog?
Jan 8, 2004
... a friend of mine who had recurring sinus infections. He was prescribed a strong antibiotic for about a month. He lost his sense of smell. His CT showed damage in that area. ... (88 replies)
Fluid in ears
Apr 22, 2004
... I have very bad sinuses and always getting sinus infections. A couple months ago, I went to the doctors because I was getting dizzy. My ear would clog, pressure under and above my eyes. ... (7 replies)
... cousin had allergy shots and they completly changed his life. I guess I am just looking for some other sucess stories. People who felt dizzy, got shots, aren't dizzy anymore. ... (2 replies)
... Rule out a sinus infection or inflamation. Sinus infections can take a while to get rid of sometimes, but they can make you feel this way. ... (6 replies)
Fluid in ears
Apr 22, 2004
... Any kind of infection in my ear nose or throat quickly spreads to other parts and becomes somewhat of just an eustachian tube infection, along with bronchitis. Sinus infections or ear infections lead to some pretty intense ear pain and well as the fluid. ... (7 replies)
... I HATE antibiotics, I am a natural healer all the way, but my sinus infections got so bad I had to go to an ENT. At first he put me on a Z pack, but then made me stop 3 days into it and start on 300 mg of Cedfdinir twice a day. ... (3 replies)
... congested, dizzy, ear infections, sinus infections, etc. ... (12 replies)
... I gave up almost all dairy several years ago and feel much better, stopped getting sinus infections AND my bones actually got stronger. You don't need dairy at all. ... (8 replies)
... Asthma = albuterol & Azmacort (will probably change, it was a sample) Allergies = 12 months doing immunolgy, singulair, Flonaise, claratin Eczema = had forever...usually don't treat unless it bleeds Hypo -Thyroid= Armour thyro poor circulation in feet, blood goes down, but won't come back up= (3)80mg aspirin daily Dry eyes = restatsis Reynaunds - no treatment I... (4 replies)
Allergy test
Sep 9, 2004
... hen I was 30 had allergy shots for 3 yrs, allergies hardly bothered me for about 10yrs. I had the running nose, itching ears eyes and throat, sneezing. Repeated sinus infections and headaches etc. ... (5 replies)
... I'm an adjunct lecturer...we have always had the job hazard of sinus infections from the papers we grade. I got one in March. ... (1 replies)
... I'm an adjunct lecturer...we have always had the job hazard of sinus infections from the papers we grade. I got one in March. ... (0 replies)
... I am so sorry that you ended up with a sinus infection after surgery, but it is very common. I had the surgery in 1999 and ended up with Pseudomonas bacteria. ... (7 replies)

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