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... Many things could cause u feel dizzy especially sinus pressure, and headaches. Sometimes you could be having both. ... (51 replies)
... months ago we began major construction on our house that we lived through. I began feeling lightheaded and at times experienced actual vertigo. In addition, I woke up every day with a headache over my eye as well as facial pressure and constant congestion. ... (1 replies)
... You said that it "felt" like you had sinus pressure, did they test you in anyway to see what exactly was going on, or did they just slap some meds on ya to meet their pharmacuetical (sp) quota? (16 replies)

... ue, dizziness. I feel dazed all the time, like I used to feel in the morning when I just woke up. Now that's daily. I get some headaches, it feels like I have sinus pressure and the doctor put me on an antibiotic. I often feel like there is a "heaviness" inside my head, and the headaches often feel like pressure. ... (16 replies)
... every change of the seasons i get headaches and dizziness and the dizziness always makes me feel like something else is severly wrong with me and gets me panicked! ... (7 replies)
... I'm in the same boat and I'm still not convinced all my symptoms are allergies even though I've had endless tests. I've never had such horrible feeling of sinus pressure, facial pressure, ear pressure , post nasal drip , upset stomach from post nasal drip, muscle tension, and dizziness just an all in all god awful year!! ... (13 replies)
... boom, within 24 hours the dizziness was gone. ... (2 replies)
... Aren't the sinus passages all connected to the inner ear? ... (7 replies)
... This is standard practice after sinus surgery. If it isn't done, scar tissue can cause a blockage and an additional infection can develop. ... (15 replies)
... PND in itself is not what causes the ETD. ETD is caused by inflammation and possibly some PND in the sinuses that throws off the perfect balance of pressure between the outer ear and the ET. ... (5 replies)
... n nature. Namely, my Eustachian tubes filled with fluid followed an associated "clicking" or "popping" sound in my ears. Furthermore, I have been experiencing on and off dizziness throughout the last six months. ... (3 replies)
... Also, could the dizziness be constant even if I do not constantly feel "sinusy"? ... (8 replies)
... Ct scan clear. I thought it would show the worst sinus infection because the pain, pressure, and dizziness were so bad. ... (6 replies)
What should I do?
Aug 16, 2004
... I should also note that my most recent CT scan came back, and it showed bacteria in my maxillary and ethmoid sinus cavities. This was causing a lot of the pressure and dizziness. ... (5 replies)
... had a sinus infection and was up all night motion sick, thought it was something i ate. about 4 days later i felt like i was spiking a fever but never did. ... (16 replies)
... watery and burning eyes, headaches, dizziness, feeling 'fuzzy' headed, nervousness, as well as stomach issues and shortness of breath sometimes. Some of these symptoms come on VERY fast and then go away as fast as they came on. ... (3 replies)
... I posted a couple months back with a real dillemma. Was very lightheaded and dizzy, had multiple mris and cats scans done, all comin up normal. Although some of the symptoms have subsided a little, the only thing doctors suggest is allergies. ... (5 replies)
... vertigo slowly decreased and I was told it could take some time once the cause of the allergy was removed or illiminated. ... (48 replies)
... I suffer from allergies and for the past 2 years have had increasingly worse post nasal drainage on the right side only. ... (5 replies)
... Back at the end of January I got a bad head cold with alot of pressure and some dizziness. Once I got over it, I was left with the ear ringing and the fogginess. ... (17 replies)

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