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... He diagnosed me with a serious ear infection and sinus infection and prescribes me 10 days of amoxicillin 875mg and Flonase. Also, an ECG and heart monitor are ordered to make sure that my heart is okay. ... (15 replies)
... Longell, I'm curious about the calcium channel blocker you take - what is it and how does it work? N2golf, Yes, I actually get *more* headaches when I'm on Claritin. I don't understand the relationship, but there is one type of Migraine (however apparently *not* the type I get) that has "histaminic" in the name of it. That suggests that there is some known... (6 replies)
... Sounds like the sinus infection cleared up, doesn't it? ... (8 replies)

... I don't feel any sinus pressure like I did then. ... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone I have suffered miserably from chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis for many years and a lot of others in my family suffer from allergy-related conditions as well. Recently, I brought my pet goat into my bedroom for a few days and she completely saturated my carpet with urine and "pellets". After I took her back out to the barn, I spent the next 4 days... (8 replies)
... If I go to bed without washing my hair, the pollen gets on my sheets and pillow cases, then, even if I do wash the next day, it won't help, because I'm sleeping in pollen. Pets can bring it in too. I also wash my clothes right after I come inside for the day. ... (7 replies)
... EGADS! Get a second or third opinion before having any surgery. I've struggled with sinus and allergy disorders for the last thirteen years and I would NEVER allow anyone to do surgery on my sinus's after the research I've done. ... (15 replies)
... I had a similar problems for years. During most of the time, my allergies caused my right sinus to be miserable. ... (3 replies)
It never ends
May 14, 2005
... I have been having sinus probs for the last two years. Basically my right nostril is always stuffed up but especially in the morning. ... (8 replies)
Brain Fog?
Jan 9, 2004
... The sore throat eventually subsided, and I forgot about it. If I have a sinus infection or allergy problem I'm very sure that this is the cause. ... (88 replies)
... ying down, only my eyes are closed and it makes me feel like a head rush. It starts behind my nose and rushes or "fizzes" up to my forehead. It's keeping me from sleeping well. ... (56 replies)
... Possibly fatigue. I've never had a good sleeping or eating schedule, and I work in front of a computer all day. With my other symptoms though, I'm not sure this is it. ... (20 replies)
... The occasional sinus headache and fatigue, sneezing that goes with allergies. ... (56 replies)
... Its possible. Have you tried any allergy meds to see if that alleviates anything? I dont have any other "symptoms" of allergies other than I'm constantly congested and my nose runs like crazy. I've been on Allegra-D for a few weeks now and it helps wonders. If you're weary of allergy meds, try sudafed or a decongestant and see if that helps. (16 replies)
... Had sinus infection from a cold. Still stuffed up after months now. Nasal spray only helps slightly. ... (16 replies)
Brain Fog?
Apr 8, 2005
... fog and the anxeity. sometimes the symptoms are tolerable but never subside. othertimes it is like High in the clouds. I have been on 3 rounds of antibiotics for sinus infection ,zyrtec,flonase and other drugs.I have pressure in my nose and it pops quite frequent. Sleeping is a nightmare But I dont have nightmares. ... (88 replies)
... Since the middle of August I have been experiencing shortness of breath, I went to the Dr. and she said I had a sinus infection after two different antibiotics I still didn't feel any better. ... (5 replies)
... One doctor prescribed Astelin for me but it was useless. I didn't notice a change at all, even after using it for quite a while. (32 replies)
... h vasomotor rhinitis. During the day I can function, but at night it is unbearable. Within 5 minutes of laying down, my nose is completely blocked. I've tried sleeping on 2 or 3 pillows, but I think I would actually have to sleep sitting up to avoid the congestion. It is horrible. ... (32 replies)
... I have constant pain and pressure in my head and then a TON of clear phlegm in my chest. I don't have a runny nose, sneezing, or eye problems or anything like that, it's all in my chest. ... (6 replies)

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