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... I agree it sounds like you might have a deviated septum. Many people have it.. it's when the center part of your nose that runs up into your sinuses (the septum) is curved (i.e. deviated from the center) and if it's bad enough, can interfere with your breathing if it's deviated far enough. I have it.. mine isn't so bad that I notice the difference between nostrils (although... (6 replies)
... you are welcome AJ.. for many people, you are born with it and it worsens as you get older and develop. I have never had a nose injury, it's just the way my nasal passages shaped out to be. For me, my diagnosis came after they did a CT scan of my sinuses.. it was pretty obvious from the film!! (6 replies)
... een wiped out. All i really want to do is crawl into a dark hole and hide. I am always tired, like barely able to function tired but have difficulty sleeping, my sinuses always feel pressurized and clogged, my ears feel the same, like they always need popped. I constantly feel feverish but do not have a feel of any sort. ... (8 replies)

... re nasal allergies during the time before my diagnosis. I felt like my sense of smell became greatly increased, and everything would make me sneeze. My nose was always clogged and I felt horrible. Apparently, the acid gets into the mucous, which slides around your throat and sinuses, delievering the acid all over the place. ... (7 replies)
... great for six months. Then the sinus problems came back full blast. Went back to the ENT. He told me that I had allergic rhinitis and had to see an allergist. I always wondered why he didn't send me to the allergist to begin with. ... (11 replies)
... back on here again at my wit's end with the world's worst sinus/respiratory infection that no one/nothing can stop; my head/chest r in a bubble of congestion, dizzy, gagging, headache, pain/pressure in sinuses; allergy/sinus doc said i had deviated septum but no surgery recommended; he said decrease mold in home; did that; got home remediated; went to ent who said i have lots... (20 replies)
... Sounds like your turbinates are swollen. When the turbinates are swollen, if you lie on your right side, your left middle turbinate will flatten out somewhat, and open up the left side, while your right middle turbinate will close up the right side, and vica versa. If I had to start someplace, I would treat the sinus problem as if it was a reaction to food allergies.... (5 replies)
... th at night. The splint helped with the jaw pain, but the intense pressure in my head was still there, my ears still popped and clicked, my ears were constantly clogged up, and I could still hear my breathing and voice through my ears. I went back to my doctor and demanded to see a Neurologist thinking maybe he could help. ... (8 replies)
... me....just not motivated i guess u could say.....just don't have the energy......i feel misreable all the time.....when i lay down to go to sleep my nose get all clogged and congested...when i breath i can hear myself wheezing a little.....i'm so much out of breath when i do something.... ... (21 replies)
... i've always had allergies to dust as diagnosed by an allergist years ago but never done much about it, sometimes when i woke up in the morning i'd have a stuffy nose and sneezing, symptoms might last for a day or so and then leave, however about 10 weeks ago i woke up with same symptoms, however after a few days my nose wasn't clearing, and in fact getting more clogged along... (11 replies)
Neck tremors
Mar 9, 2006
... I've never had neck tremors, but my eye muscles always spasm when the sinuses around them are clogged. ... (2 replies)
... SO the doctor can to look at my sinuses and see if they are really raw, red and swollen? ... (53 replies)
... i know i have bad allergies, i always have alot of pressure, clogged nose, mucus in my throat, and my ears feel full and i can hear them crackle, for a veeerrryyy long time now. ... (3 replies)

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