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... Sore throat, sore tongue, why? ... (0 replies)
... I have been having the same problem, for the exact same length of time. I have been to the internist 3 times, and the ear, nose and throat once and they all say the same thing...sinus drainage. ... (5 replies)
... figure out the problem. A tip of tongue that is sore could be a B vitamin deficency, or anemia. You should check with your doctor to rule that out. ... (5 replies)

... rm lumps all over it, to begin with I had wondered whether this was causing the irritation to my throat, but perhaps it is possible that I have these lumps in my throat also? ... (3 replies)
... ng, or from something you ate, such as caramel popcorn, hard candy, or sucking on lozenges. If you ate something that got stuck in your teeth, you might use your tongue to try to get it out, without even thinking about it. ... (5 replies)
... I get itchy throat too, especially around allergy season and early winters. Halls seem to help, and since it's not too expensive, I just buy the 80 to 100 count bags. ... (3 replies)
... hrs after the shot, around the side of my tongue in back and in my mouth near that area, was hurting somewhat. ... (3 replies)
... I have had a sore throat for over 2 months, but what is more bothersome is a sore, raw tongue all time. I went to my doctor today and he has determined that this is an allergy and put me on Allegra. ... (5 replies)
... or post nasal drip and I have since moved the sore throat cleared up within 4 days...but here is my current problem...Just as my sore throat is clearing up I now have canker sores about the back of my throat... ... (0 replies)
Sore throat
Sep 26, 2002
... This sore throat is killing me! My adam's apple is touching my tongue. Thats not right....The sore throat seems to set in when i work up a nasal passages close up and i can't breath through my nose. ... (0 replies)
... t I would eat a few every day when I got home from work. The bowl was put out about 2 months ago and was finally emptied a few days ago. I have noticed that my tongue is not nearly as sore and my throat has improved quite dramatically today. Maybe I am allergic to nuts. ... (5 replies)
... I have had a sore throat for about 3 weeks. Took antibiotics, then the sore throat went away, but now I have a bit of an ear ache. Plus one little white spot on my throat for about 5 days. ... (5 replies)
... What causes painful tip of the tongue--how does an allergy cause this--and how do I treat it? :confused: (5 replies)
... About two weeks ago I have a fever, sore throat..went to the dr. and they gave me antibiotics to take. After taking them for 3days, the back of my tongue got swollen bumps on it.they were more irritating, a bit hurtful. I went back to the dr. ... (1 replies)
... pen to jab myself with if my throat started swelling up in the night. ... (2 replies)
Any ideas???
Jan 11, 2006
... t Christmas we brought a dog into the house. I already have two cats. My nose stays stuffy alot of the time but I live with it. Around February I started getting sore throats. It felt like my throat was swelling. I lived on Benadryl. It's either a raw throat or a feeling like I am choking. My nose is stuffy but never runs. ... (1 replies)
... Last year around February my lips began to swell every day. Sometimes it would get so bad they would puss and cause my tongue and eyes to swell. ... (3 replies)
... i notice the back of my tongue and my throat get super dry and irritated. not hurting, but just irritated. no matter how much water i drink, it still is dry and produces a hard time swallowing. ... (2 replies)
... trees and its the drops under tongue method. At a cost of 645 every 120 days for 3 years its pricy but it has a higher success rate than injections.So if your insured well I'd opt for it. ... (0 replies)
... It's a cotton like feeling in the back of my throat which won't come up or go down no matter how many times I swallow. ... (4 replies)

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