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... My ENT saw I had a deviated septum but that can't be causing my sinuses to be on overload all the time... I have so much post nasal drip that I swallow mucus almost every few seconds. ... (9 replies)
... Beer does the same thing to me. The next morning I would wake up with stuffed sinuses and thick yellow/green discharge. Many times it would lead to another sinus infection. I use a beclomethasone nasal spray. If I am going to drink some beers, or a lot of wine, I load up on the beclomethasone nasal spray. I'll take two extra snorts in each nostril before I go out, and... (1 replies)
... What kind of allergic reactions do you have? Stuffed sinuses? Asthma? Do you seem to get worse after eating? Get thick discolored mucus? Allergies are cumulative by nature. That means that the more allergens/triggers that you encounter the worse the reaction. If you believe the food allergy tests, then you might start eliminating a few of your least favorite foods,... (4 replies)

... amount per time... i'm assuming the amount of saline you flush thru your sinuses every time you irrigate. ... (9 replies)
... Feeling a "little" better is all I was hoping for as my sinuses have been screwed for years. So I was never expecting any miracles. ... (9 replies)
... Amy A deviated septum could well be causing one of your nostrils to feel more 'blocked' than the other. My left side has been considerably worse than my right for a few years now. Had surgery in March to realign the septum (amongst other things) and seems to have helped a little. (9 replies)
... and she just said everyone is complaining about stuffed sinuses and headache and antibiotics do not seem to be helping. She said to just keep on with the saline nose spray and steaming your head.....not helping obviously. ... (0 replies)
Stuffed up Nose
Sep 29, 2003
... For the last couple months, everyday I've had at least one nostril plugged and can't breath out of it. Plus, it's filled with thick green/yellow boggers. Plus, I have constant "brain fog"..feels like I'm druck, high, or just lightheaded. I think I have something wrong with my sinuses..sounds right to people? (1 replies)
... Sounds like your sinuses are really sensitive. That was very brave of you, to do it three times, and then once again the next day. Why did you do more than one flooding? ... (13 replies)
... I have found a simple, inexpensive method of irrigation that effectively treats my sinuses and either prevents or heals my sinus infections. ... (4 replies)
... I have found a simple, inexpensive method of irrigation that effectively treats my sinuses and either prevents or heals my sinus infections. ... (11 replies)
... when my sinuses aren't stuff, i don't feel a need to use it. ... (6 replies)
... in the last several years my sinuses have gotten worse. If they aren't throbbing, then my nose is leaking. There is no dry period except when my nose is to stuffed up to blow. I have currently had the same sinus 'infection' since July. ... (9 replies)
... eds so didn't take any sudafed. Then last night, usually the mid to late morning hours is when I begin having that head fizzing, rushing feeling. And I'm kind of stuffed up. Why on earth do I stuff up over night? ... (56 replies)
... They do not fill the whole side of their sinuses with 60 CC's of salt water when stuffed up. They press the syringe against their nose and after trying to push the saline solution thru only a few drops would start to come out of the other nostril. ... (8 replies)
... sinus symptoms, because i cant stand looking like this anymore. I took action by researching sinuses and allergies on the net...never found anything about puffiness of the cheeks like I have though.... ... (8 replies)
A protocol
Feb 14, 2004
... lightheadedness, cloudy vision, and stuffed up sinuses. ... (11 replies)
... I had radio frequency nasal turbinate reduction in August. It seemed to work for about 1 month, then I got stuffed up again. I had the ethmoidectomy nasal polyp surgery May a year ago. ... (5 replies)
... when they are already stuffed up? ... (8 replies)
... There are mucus glands in the sinuses AND in the throat. You have the luck of having over active mucus glands in the throat, being effected by allergens, but NOT in your sinuses. ... (12 replies)

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