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... OK I am so sick of allergies. I am tired of waking up everyday with a stuffy head and feeling lightheaded. It is so hard to function when you feel like your head is in the clouds. ... (0 replies)
... I am really so sick of feeling lightheaded ALL the time. It really makes it so hard to function. I have tried everythng and I can't find any relief. I can deal with anything excpet this pain in my ears. ... (2 replies)
... Yes. The same thing happened to me. Advair helped a bit, but I really donít feel well when I take inhaled medications. I got sick right before T-Giving and havenít really gotten over the broncule thing, entirely. Did you take antibiotics? I was surprised that it helped me, as I feel that my doctors have prescribed them too often and too quickly when I go in for visits. I... (5 replies)

... months ago. I basically recovered, but then I developed an upper respatory tract infection that gave me acute asthma. Right around this time, I started getting lightheaded and I had some mild dizziness. My doctor gave me Advair to clear up the asthmatic symptoms, and it worked great. Lungs feel fine. ... (5 replies)
... said it was a sinus infection, and the rest was stress, he gave me antibioticts. i got better after a few days of doing noting, i could hardly stand up cause my head was so messed up. ... (2 replies)
... pany. I started a thread called Persistent Congestion...Brain Fog which a lot of these symptms have been mentioned. I started having issues with being lightheaded in January. I always seem to be stuffy. Have taken allergy meds for years, but started having sinus problems 4 years ago. ... (5 replies)
... d not alleviate my symptoms completely. After a month or so on the Ativan, this intense pressure kept happening in my head. It felt like a tight band around my head and it drove me nuts. I kept going back to my doctor and he kept telling me it was from the panic attacks and told me to keep taking the Ativan. ... (8 replies)
Allergy test
Sep 8, 2004
... My allergy problems are seriously ruining my life. I am so stuffy, lightheaded and tired all the time and I am so sick of it. ... (5 replies)
... It could be a food allergy. Maybe dairy. Ummm. it could be something irritating your membranes. Try to "cleanse". Lots of tea, water, no processed foods. The anxiety & panic attacks could be from the infection. Could be bacterial/ parasite. for that I would try sugar-free/ yeast-free. Most importantly start reading some books on allergies & infections & how that can really... (7 replies)
... I have the same symptoms as well. Mine are ALL year long. Still not sure if it is allergy related. Here are my symptoms: Lightheaded, drunk feeling, Floating Sensations, whirling feeling in my head Pressure in my head and eyes fatigue, heaviness in eyes and head Post nasal drip, or chronic mucus feeling in throat Stuffy nose Ear Crackling sounds, like a bad speaker... (7 replies)
Now what???
Sep 8, 2005
... Hi I have a lot of food allergies, where my body get's bloated. My ankles, fingers, face, belly or even my neck front or back. Since I got tested and I am aware of these alleries so I avoid those foods or just eat it once in a while. I actually went down one size in my clothing. I became aware of this when I read an article in Womans day " Gaining weight without any reason,... (1 replies)
Now what???
Sep 8, 2005
... Ive had it with these allergies. THey affect me differently than most. I get congestion, stuffy nose, sneezing, dizzy/lightheaded feeling, and foggy head. 2 times in the last 3 weeks, my ankles got a little swollen after being in the heat for just a little while................could that be due to allergies too?? Thanks for any replies............ :confused: (1 replies)
... I have have had a very dry stuffy nose for at least 3 years.. doesn't run, no sneezing, but when I MAKE myself sneeze it runs like crazy.. ... (10 replies)
... i know this has probably been brought up a few times already but i'm new to the boards and i really don't know where to start... anyway i've had a deviated septum and chronic allergy problems as far back as i can remember... i'm 20 years old now. i think it started in my earliest teens though... i've always had a stuffy nose (i can never breathe from my right nostril),... (0 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone has tried acupuncture for allergies. I can't take this lightheaded feeling all the time. My doc told me it is just allergies, but I am tired of taking otcs and I hate feeling off balance all the time. ... (4 replies)

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