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... Your sore throat could also be from breathing threw your mouth all the well as PND...If the stuffy nose is your only symptom, I'd go with some Sudafed... ... (6 replies)
... and mild headaches during the fall and winter seasons. Its always worse at night and kind of bad in the morning. ... (8 replies)
Tickle in chest
Jun 23, 2008
... Over the past month or so, I've been getting a strange sensation in my chest. It only happens though, when I first lay down to go to bed, when I breath in, I feel a strange tickle at about the top of my chest, right where my neck and chest meet. ... (2 replies)

... Dust mites like carpeting and bedding. Frequent and thorough vacuuming can help, but only if you have a strong hepa allergy bag. Otherwise vacuuming just throws out the dust mites in the exhaust air. ... (7 replies)
... it depends on the person. If these are your only allergic symptoms, taking a 12 hour over the counter antihistamine an hour before you go to sleep may help. ... (6 replies)
... taken Claritin for over a year for regular postnasal drip and usually as soon as I take it, it goes away. This went on and on. The headache went away, and the stuffy nose, but I just always sounded like I had a cold to people. I sound stuffed up, but I'm not. ... (10 replies)
... Well get this, I had that this done on Friday at 2pm. Saturday morning I wake up and around 9 am my upper arm started itching like crazy! ... (23 replies)
Pure misery..
Nov 7, 2005
... Thank you. But nope, not migraines. I went to the doctor this morning and it's untreated allergies that led to an infection. My head is all congested. I don't have insurance.. so I just go to my regular doc. ... (11 replies)
So frustrated!!!
Nov 11, 2011
... Since I was little, I've had nasal congestion on an on and off basis as well as mild asthma, so I know where you're coming from. In the past year or so, I've learned some things that have really helped me out, so hopefully it works for you to. ... (4 replies)
Mild allergies
Apr 24, 2004
... My Dr thinks I may have allergies and is sending me for testing. My symptoms are full head and tingly face around the eyes and nose in the morning. Runny nose, then stuffy nose. Occassionally it runs down the back of my throat. ... (0 replies)
... One doctor prescribed Astelin for me but it was useless. I didn't notice a change at all, even after using it for quite a while. (32 replies)
... I know exactly what you are talking about....I have a stuffy nose all the time and have also been diagnosed with vasomotor rhinitis. During the day I can function, but at night it is unbearable. ... (32 replies)
... the worst part of this is that i have these reaccuring scabs and bleding in my NOSTRILS? ... (5 replies)
... It is significant that the pain went away, but that is such a small improvement. You are still in misery. ... (13 replies)
... sure if its allergies or not but so far it seems to be the only logical explanation. ... (6 replies)
... nown as the upper esophogeal spinchter muscle and the lower esophogeal spinchter muscle. Neither are really muscles, but areas of pressure that keep acid out and in the stomach where it belongs. When the LES goes haywire, people get bad heartburn because a lot of acid escapes the stomach and irritates the lower esophogous. ... (8 replies)
... has something to do with it and maybe coffee , these seem to be the only common thing, by late afternoon the hives are gone and in the a. ... (5 replies)
... The morning is when pollens are supposed to be most active. Also, the bed is the worst place for those with allergies. ... (3 replies)
... myself included. Have had it for years with only the degree varying. ... (9 replies)
Is this allergies?
Mar 16, 2009
... ve really bothered me and I'm not sure if this is allergies or not. Ok, I woke up with a headache. The night before we were at a friends house for the first time in new house, and she had some strong candle smells that I knew I wasn't going to be able to take for very long. ... (5 replies)

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