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... You need to see an allergist asap. An allergist will do a complete blood work up to eliminate any possible causes of hives. Epstein Barr is one of them that needs to be eliminated. Thyroid problems are another. Most likely it is an allergy and since it seems to happen in the morning, it may be from your bed sheets and pajamas. Try a process of elimination. The first step... (6 replies)
... mpletely swollen, and unable to move it. I went to the hospital again. I was told I had acid reflux and that the hives are causing the muscle pain, but that the swollen face was a mystery and that I should see an allergist. I was given pepcid for the acid reflux, and a steroid for the hives, and benadryl at night. ... (6 replies)
... Left half of face swollen.. do you sleep on that side? Press it into the pillow? I have gotten some pretty nasty swelling of the cheeks from allergic rashes (contact dermatitis). Eventually, I figured it was hair conditioner. (6 replies)

... th. This just happened again for the first time in years a week ago, I took some allegra to slow it and it went away. I wake up this morning and i feel my bottom lip swell and two itchy hives on my wrist. I took an allegra and the itchy hives went away. ... (2 replies)
... I am curious to know if you are in your 40s or 50s. I just had my first horrible attack of mystery hives and I know I am peri menopausal since I just had a blood test for it. Now I also just moved to North Carolina from California so I'm sure there are environmental factors but I am curious to see if all these women who keep posting about hives may also be having hormone... (6 replies)
... allergies can be created at any time in ones life. maybe you have a food allergy. can you think about the meal you had before bed time? i have mold allergies and mold is in all kinds of foods from cheese to breads with lots of yeast, and dried fruit. perhaps it's time for allergy testing. it's time consuming but you may be surprised... i found out that i was not (6 replies)
... Also look into your thyroid. That pain in the neck can fail or go hyper at anytime and cause issues. The main thing that you have to look into is autoimmune thyroid disorders. They are one of the last things checked.. but if you have a thyroid storm.. even a small one.. you can exhibit all the symptoms you described in flux cycles for days and dasy.. Treatment.. steriods... (6 replies)
... I hate to tell you but you can develop allergies overnight. Reading your narrative, it seems the hives come on after sleeping. That would indicate to me a dust mite allergy or an allergy to something you are only exposed to at night: the lotion you use before bedtime, the soap you wash the sheets and nightclothes in, etc. I suggest seeing an allergist. (6 replies)
Itchy lips :(
Jan 4, 2003
... I had the same thing back some months ago and posted.....all of a sudden i had what felt like dry, very dry, yet swollen, rash like oozing. If i put my tongue on my lips they felt raw, and almost like the tinge of metal. ... (8 replies)

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