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... Hi Inq, I have vasomotor rhinitis and had surgery for it since medications fail to work for me. ... (4 replies)
... d on the nasal steroid sprays. Then a few months later, mucus start dripping everyday, PND, and other symptoms... it seems to be getting worse and not better. My rhinitis was so severe that the nasal passages were nearly completely closed up regardless of medications. Later, I was told it was vasomotor rhinitis instead... ... (11 replies)
... few weeks ago and he says that I have vasomotor rhinitis instead. My first diagnosis by a ENT consultant was allergic rhinitis. ... (5 replies)

... Vasomotor rhinitis is a poorly understood condition... what they know is that the lining inside the affected nose overreacts to anything that irritates it. ... (11 replies)
... I was having a lot of problems with congestion and breathing through my nose. My doctor suggested the deviated septum surgery and I went ahead with it. Afterward I was still having the same problems. ... (5 replies)
... I used to have awful sinuses. I originally went to an ENT, and he told me I needed surgery for a deviated septum and a cyst in one of my sinuses. I had the surgery, and felt great for six months. Then the sinus problems came back full blast. ... (11 replies)
Vasomotor Rhinitis
Feb 18, 2008
... I was first dx as having allergic rhinitis but then was also told I have vasomotor rhinitis. On and off, I get chest tightness and difficulty breathing which my doctor couldn't explain. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, does anyone out there has surgery to reduce their turbinates but was somehow unsuccessful? ... (0 replies)
... I don't even know if they do surgery for this particular type of sinus condition, but I want to be sure I've covered all my bases before I go ahead with another surgery. ... (4 replies)
... I have Chronic rhinitis and am reading Dr. Kennedy's book from the U of Pa. I have just started the book and am finding it interesting. I have had two surgeries for the sinuses. ... (11 replies)
... nites which did nothing at all, when i came back in a few weeks he said chances are if this didn't result in major impovements a increased improvement, the major surgery for the deviated septum isn't going to work most likly. ... (9 replies)
Vasomotor rhinitis
Sep 16, 2005
... I sure do get my share of sneezing and runny nose, but other than it being annoying it doesn't really make me sick. I hope you find a doctor that can help you. In the meantime you have to treat the symptoms. Good luck! :) (5 replies)
Vasomotor rhinitis
Sep 16, 2005
... I get many sinus infections a year. I had sinus surgery in 2000 and was told that I need it again but the docor said that it would make me even more sensitive to the enviorment. ... (5 replies)
... I will be having surgery in a few more weeks but next week, I'll see the ENT and I want to be prep with questions. ... (2 replies)
... I know your doctor recommended a different surgery than this, but I had a deviated septum correction surgery last July, at the urging of my ENT. This was his first course of action, and I regret having gone with it. It did not work. At all. ... (32 replies)
... There's a surgery? My allergist seemed to think I just had to live with it. (9 replies)
... I have really bad annoying rhinitis which leads to a annoying stuffy nose and dry mouth. My allergist said i coudl alleviate the problem by getting surgery done by spending me to a specialist and it'll be a quick and simple two hour procedure or so, in and out on the same day? ... (9 replies)
... If you look up your nose in the mirror, you can see a piece of 'flesh' obstructing the nasal passages if it is swollen. Vasomotor rhinitis can develop anytime so it's possible to have the symptoms after your sinus surgery. ... (4 replies)
... I have vasomotor rhinitis as well, although I don't know if I have reactions to odors so much but mostly changes in temp, humidity, eating food... ... (9 replies)
... I have to warn you about the deviated septum correction!! I had this surgery in July and it didn't do a thing for me. The ENT told me it would be instant relief. Afterward he said it was allergies causing my problems. ... (53 replies)

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