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... Let me know how the Elidel goes! Cetaphil can be used on your face, it won't clog your pores. It can be a little greasyish so on your face use kinda sparingly. But greasy is good as far as lotions go for atopic dermatitis. Cetaphil comes highly reccomended from all doctors I've talked to. You can use it over the Elidel to help it from drying out. (3 replies)
... Hi, thanks for the advice. The Dr I saw yesterday prescribed me some Elidel (very expensive!) so I'll see if that does any good. Do you mean to use Cetaphil on my face? Will take your advice re: other things and see if they help. Thanks again, Cheers (3 replies)
... When you much water and how much salt? And when you use the baking soda, how much water to that. Would like to know the ratio of the mix. I have had mold allergies for years and it takes a toll.........swollen never really goes just have to learn how to control it I think. (15 replies)

... Hmm, that sounds like what happened to my Mom. She got a cat from there too and went haywire. Swollen eyes, chest the whole nine yards. I wonder if its because the don't bath them or something? ... (5 replies)
... I'm also allergic to tree nuts and not to peanuts. I think at least part of the reason for the difference is that peanuts aren't really nuts, or more accurately, peanuts are more closely related to peas and other legumes than they are to tree nuts. Also, at one point I discovered that if I ingested large amounts of dairy products (vanilla ice cream works great!) as soon as... (4 replies)
... Hi, ive known i've had a nut allergy since i was very little and managed to avoid them pretty well! ive always assumed i was allergic to all nuts but recently started getting curious as to whether i'd lost my allergies! i had a blood test when i was younger but was never contacted in response to it, as i was told i would be if i needed an adrenaline pen (thingy)! anyway i... (4 replies)
Uticaria x 2?
Mar 30, 2001
... Well, its been about a month since my last post. Here's an update... I'm back on Zantac and Zyrtec. I take 1 of each everyday at noon. Also, I'm staying completely away from dairy (milk, cheese, butter, etc.). Seems to be working. The only attack I've had since Feb 27 was the day after I forgot to take my pills. dan, Yeah, I had all the same symptoms as you: ... (7 replies)
Uticaria x 2?
Mar 1, 2001
... you might want to get your thyroid checked im going through a similar problem fat lips swollen eyes break out in big itchy welts , i am on reactine for out breaks but just was diagnosed in nov.2000 with hypothyroid , my atacks had suddenly begun in oct. ... (7 replies)
... and I have a sore throat I guess from the drainage. I feel like I have swollen glands. ... (27 replies)
... I suffer from allergies. Not like the normal allergy symptoms people get. I might sneeze a little more or have more congestion or my eyes my feel gunky like I have something in them. But as far as the tv commercial type of allergies with sneezing, watery eyes and a nose like a spigot, no. ... (3 replies)
... It's nice to be able to breathe clearly, even when I'm asleep. I notice my nighttime sleeps have improved, and when I wake up, I no longer suffer clogged nose or swollen throat from breathing through my mouth all night. ... (27 replies)
Heat Allergies???
Jun 22, 2006
... I tend to prespire copiously around my eyes for some reason when I get hot. ... (2 replies)
... f hydocortisone, and a steroid pack and finally after 2 more weeks it went away. Last week,....IT CAME BACK this time, its on my chest and neck. I wake up and my eyes are swollen and so are my ears...I'm so lost as to what to do. ... (7 replies)
... Now 5 months ago, I woke up one morning to find my eyelids swollen up, specially my left under eyelid. Not red, not itchy at all. ... (3 replies)
... My symptoms have changed over the last 2 months. here is a recap, and then someone can tell me if they have been through something similar. Early December 1. Two weeks after recovering from a abd cold, I developed asthmatic symptoms. They came on suddenly, a kind of wheezing. 12 hours later, I developed head-pressure, mild dizziness & lightheadedness. Nose was... (0 replies)
... Mine are on my eyes too... and also ears and sometimes the top of my head. ... (15 replies)
... effective after a few days or so. My eyes feel tired very easy too from all the pressure. ... (15 replies)
... I feel like a freak because of my puffy eyes and cheeks....well, more so because of the dent in the middle of the puffy areas that starts below the corners of my eyes and runs diagonally across the front of my face. Who of you out there can relate? ... (8 replies)
Apr 26, 2010
... My daughter has been fighting allergies for a long time and it is getting worse. Her lips, nose and eyes get swollen really bad and we can find one or two bite marks on parts of her body, like mosquito bites. Could it be casued by mites? ... (0 replies)
... Started with my left eye feeling swollen for about a month but recently I've been having the daily headaches and dull pain and pressure behind the eye. ... (2 replies)

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