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... nothing I have tried for allergies has been helping. That makes me think hidden infection or something like that. It is odd that my only symptom is nasal passage swelling and turbinate swelling. I can actually feel my whole nasal passages swollen. It is not like when I have a cold even, it is different. ... (23 replies)
... s that usually people get better or relief from taking medications like the nasal steroids and such but I am not responding. I have read online that if the nasal turbinates stay swollen for any length of time it can become permanent where surgery is the only option left and that has it's own risks. ... (23 replies)
... y swollen turbinate is now touching the other side of my nasal lining. I was just reading about Empty Nose Syndrome, apparently some people get this after having turbinates removed and nothing much can be done about it. ... (10 replies)

... t really have alot of nasal.. but yet I get this turbinates swelling. ... (5 replies)
... wow, that's a sinusitis fairy tale. That's really postive to hear that if in the right hands, this surgery can be very successful. so u did have confirmed allergies! did the ent just trim the turbinates? prior to surgery, were u congested 24/7? (For the most part I am, sometimes i have relief but nothing has chnaged in either my diet or environment, if anything im much... (17 replies)
... l am not certain that has anything to do with my stuffy nose. I would think that the steroid nasal sprays would have helped as well as the singulair if the nasal swelling was actually due to an allergy don't you think? ... (23 replies)
... I have been on the singulair only two days now. The allergist is the one who prescribed it hoping it would help with the swelling of my nasal passages. ... (23 replies)
... migraines for the past year. They are always on the right side above or behind my eye. I woke up one morning with severe swollen turbinates to the point you can see it on the outside of my nose. I have been on antibiotics for over a week and have absolutely no relief! ... (1 replies)
... to me about my problems. He said that he was sure the deviated septum and the enlarged turnbinates was causing my problems. Apparently, allergies can cause the turbinates to swell. The ENT scheduled the surgery during my first visit. ... (17 replies)
... g fine apart from the nose block that I still get but it's much better than before. I had my bone and the tissues removed partially. But now, I can see the other turbinates swelling up and the operated one, swelling up a bit too. ... (10 replies)
... for, since your nose will still swell. If you have no true allergies, astelin will not help much. I would recommend rhinocort, which is a steroid that reduces swelling in the nose. ... (5 replies)
... Hi....the singulair is an antileukotrine...a different aspect of allergy reaction. It also is used as a treatment for migraine. How long have you been on it? Are you having any issues with your eyes or ears or skin? Do you have rosacea? The nasal swab...if it's positive for staph or whatever, it might be contributing. I would suggest you maybe see an allergist or... (23 replies)
... Qunicy: Thanks for the reply! I am going to see my primary care doctor Wednesday and will ask her about the swab. I also have a functional practitioner who I see( she is more knowledgeable when it comes to chronic illnesses) and she believes in trying to figure out the root issue instead of just treating symptoms. I cannot get in to see her until the middle of October though. ... (23 replies)
... My nose has been swollen and I lost my sense of smell and taste about a year ago after a sinus infection. My ENT doctor said I have a deviated (crooked) septum with enlarged turbinates. Using nasonex for several weeks gave very little effect. I will be seeing a surgeon on December 1st. Sneezydiza, how was the surgery performed on your turbinate? :confused: (3 replies)
... It sounds lie you have swollen turbinates. They often do go down on their own, which is why your doctor said that. But if it has been 2 years, you need to see an allergist or ENT. I had a permenantly enlarged one that required surgery. (3 replies)
... what are allergy encasings? I stopped using the flxonase cause I read it's safe only for 6 weeks or so and I don`t want it to cause any troubles. also, I`m experiencing headaches and pain around the eyes which are caused by turbinates swelling, so I don`t wanna cause sinusitis(i read it's a side effect of the nose spra) nor any problem. So meanwhile I use... (5 replies)
... comes down is like for a couple minutes if I happen to run upstairs or am in a hurry to do something. But that only lasts for a minute or two. I also believe the swelling is higher up as well because when I take sudafed it helps some but when I look inside my nose I can see the lower turbinates are still swollen. ... (57 replies)
... y sensations in my head. I have such a problem with allergic swelling that I even have daily ear fullness because if it. Yes, I have normal ear pressures and can pop them at will, they just feel, much like my nose, swollen inside. ... (8 replies)
... The turbinates do enlarge because of allergies, so they usually try to reduce the swelling with medicines, nosesprays and shots first. ... (12 replies)
... started having occasional lightheadedness about 2 months ago. My doc said it looked like a sinus infection. The inside of my nasal passages were swollen, and my turbinates are nearly touching my septum. ... (2 replies)

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