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Have I got als??
Jun 13, 2015
Hi there, for the last 4 years I've been under constant worry about als! 4 years ago I used to be a boxer, and while I was not training for a fight I used to do a lot of weights, it was this period in 2011 that I noticed my left shoulder had dropped slightly! I went to my physio and she said she was concerned as I had a winged scapula, and that my back muscles had atrophy too, I was sent to see a shoulder specialist and he said after examination that my shoulder was ok, there was a few tares from my boxing training but couldn't explain the atrophy, I was then sent for an Mri for my neck, and it showed up with a dengenrative disc problem, in my upper back, lower neck, and it was put down to that, I fought later that year and started to notice it get worse, when my physio told me what her concerns were earlier in that year, and what she was worried about I was sent to see a neurologist, I was no aware of a disease called als, I couldn't sleep at night because I was reading far too much on the Internet, I had an emg and another MRI, and was told that I didn't have als, but even tho I had been getting fasculiations for a year, and they was even happening in front of the specialist I was told that there was nothing up with me, I went away for over a year and got on with my life, my shoulder never got any better, and the. Over the next 18 months I started to see many other problems, but was not suffering with a weekness that effected my life, now my right bi cep had started to shrink, my right hand and my left hand side of my face started to droop slightly, so I went to my doctors and he sent me to see a consultant at a neurology department, It was here I was told I didn't need another emg and that I have health anxiety! I have never been back since, now in 2015 I have one hand that is starting to lose grip and a wrist that has lost that much muscle I now we're my watch on my left hand, my face seams to of changed shape; my neck on my left side has gone to looking different to me actually feeling week on it, my left hand side of my chest, and my voice sounds a lot weaker, my tounge on one side has shrunk, and my left hand side of my stomach has lost muscle, last year I tried to train for another fight, one last time, I didn't struggle like I thought! But it was clear to everyone that my right hand side of my stomach and ribs had defined muscle but the left was like jelly, but I could still run 10 miles every day and was strong enough to spar in the ring 10 rounds, this was 3 years on from my symptoms, I now struggle a lot to talk and my neck feels uncomfortable and I find my self slumping to one side when I sit to watch telly, my right hand has shrunk visabally and feels really weak! But I feel pain! Not bad pain but like an tingle, now I know from the onset of als 50% of ppl die within 4 years, and I know you don't get pain with als, and I really want to know what is up with me, but all I see is over the last 4 years my body has progressed badly! It scares me! And I just want to be normal again, I'm not sure I can face going back to the neurologist untill I lose the use of a limb! They don't seam to like diagnosing ppl with als untill they have too! So in the mean time I feel isolated and alone and not sure what is going on! Please someone tell me that I havmt got it and these symptoms are recognisable, I'm in hell x tony

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