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Als symptoms?
Jun 22, 2015
Hello, on Sunday of last week, I experienced incredible, excruciating arm pain and suddenly went away, the next day the same arm (on my right side) was very shaky and felt weak (but it wasn't) then a muscle under my armpit felt tight as I constantly felt it. My thumb twitches every so often but I can control it, I also feel like I have something in my neck, it doesn't cause problem swallowing though. And over the course of the week, it didn't get any better with very short muscle aches in both arms but that went away and now my leg feels weaker and same with the same arm but it feels like it has been getting slightly better. I have no twitches other than my hand and when I used my left arm. My wrists pop when I move it sometimes and also get quite fatigued. You know that feeling you get when you use a muscle for too long and it gets this burning feel? that's what I get from even lifting up my arm and the muscle under my armpit is yet again quite tense. I have had no pain whatsoever other than very tiny muscle aches. Ibe also noticed im lossing weight. Not much but still loosing weight. Is this anything to do with als? I'm getting nervouse. I'm not very active as I'm in bed a lot and I smoke an e cigarette and am on Zoloft for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD and PD as well as hypochondria. Hope I get a reply.

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