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I am 50 yr old male in typically good health (exercise daily, eat right, etc.). 2 years ago my feet started having a burning sensation. I would pull socks down and not think anything more bout it. About 5 months ago I noticed my ankles had burning sensation as well.

Over the past two months I have noticed twitches in my left calf that moved on to right leg, eyelid, arms and chest. Also noticed some burning in wrists. Sometimes I feel like my leg is vibrating also. I also have a feeling of crunchiness in my face.

I then started feeling ants running under my skin occasionally.

To make a long story short I visited Neurologist where she conducted clinical exam. Extensive blood work all came back negative. She looked at recent images of MRIs of head and cervical (wo contrast) and reports. She said mri of head very clean. My cervical showed severe right C5-C6 neural foraminal stenosis. Was aware of previous neck issue.

The EMG/NCV (of right arm and both legs) were normal (with exception of neck issues).

I still have MRI's of cervical w/wo contrast as well as lumbar to go.

Since my visits my legs and arms have started experiencing cramp like feelings. No weakness though as I go to the gym every night.

So at this point she has me on 300 mg of Neurontin which eliminates the ants feeling. It has also helped with the ankle burning.

She has lot of experience with MS and ALS patients so pretty confident in her skill level. Seems like she is quick to exclude ALS because of the clean EMG/NCV. Just want to make sure I am not missing something.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks ChuckStr for the reply.

I think there may be more than one thing going on and that is what is so strange with the combination of sensory and muscle type symptoms. Maybe the severe right neural foraminal stenosis at C4-C5 is contributing to some of it, but do not see how it addresses cramping issues now.

Burning feet for several years and then ankles on both sides as well as sensitivity to hot water.
Then the twitches showed up in left calf and within a few weeks were present all over body.

Then within another few weeks started having cramps all over. I do not even like to say cramps because not like painful charley horse, but like a really deep soreness in a very small part of muscle or maybe under the muscle, almost like on top of the bone.

My EMG several weeks ago of both legs and one arm was done after twitching started in left leg. As both neurologists said, it was normal, not necessarily clean.

Will wait patiently for MRI lumbar and cervical w/wo contrast results this week.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this,

Well it's great that you've been cleared of ALS or MS. Did you go to Baylor perchance? I know the woman that is the director there worked under Dr Appel (at Houston Methodist) for a while. That is a highly respected program. I would be very interested in looking at your EMG if you want to post it or you can send it via private message to me if you like. There should be a chart with all the muscles tested, with columns for the various issues (PSWs, Fibs etc). That is the part that is most interesting.

Did your neuro suggest a neurosurgical or orthopedic surgical consult for the nerve impingements? I would highly recommend you go see a spine specialist (which is a neuro or ortho surgeon with specialized spine training that limits their practice to spinal disorders). They don't only do surgery, but are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all spinal disorders. If you're interested there are also some very active spine boards here as well (back problems, spinal cord disorders) that some very knowledgeable members post on.

From experience I know what the twitches, cramps etc. feel like (although my experience with cramps is more like traditional charley horses). I've also had incredible pain, numbness, and tingling, at one time or another so I know that spinal issues can cause some pretty nasty symptoms. I still get twitches pretty much every day, heavy legs, occasional stiffness in my neck and have general fatigue in my left arm but so far I've escaped surgery and am doing ok.

I hope the medicine works well for you and again, I'd try to check in with a spine specialist who if nothing else, could monitor the situation with your spine. I do that every 6 months now to make sure nothing is becoming emergent.

Good luck and take care...

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