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I am 50 yr old male in typically good health (exercise daily, eat right, etc.). 2 years ago my feet started having a burning sensation. I would pull socks down and not think anything more bout it. About 5 months ago I noticed my ankles had burning sensation as well.

Over the past two months I have noticed twitches in my left calf that moved on to right leg, eyelid, arms and chest. Also noticed some burning in wrists. Sometimes I feel like my leg is vibrating also. I also have a feeling of crunchiness in my face.

I then started feeling ants running under my skin occasionally.

To make a long story short I visited Neurologist where she conducted clinical exam. Extensive blood work all came back negative. She looked at recent images of MRIs of head and cervical (wo contrast) and reports. She said mri of head very clean. My cervical showed severe right C5-C6 neural foraminal stenosis. Was aware of previous neck issue.

The EMG/NCV (of right arm and both legs) were normal (with exception of neck issues).

I still have MRI's of cervical w/wo contrast as well as lumbar to go.

Since my visits my legs and arms have started experiencing cramp like feelings. No weakness though as I go to the gym every night.

So at this point she has me on 300 mg of Neurontin which eliminates the ants feeling. It has also helped with the ankle burning.

She has lot of experience with MS and ALS patients so pretty confident in her skill level. Seems like she is quick to exclude ALS because of the clean EMG/NCV. Just want to make sure I am not missing something.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks Chuckstr. My neurologist is Dr. Naquin Chappell at Methodist. She worked under Dr. Appel.

Funny thing is these symptoms still are here and my mind doesn't want to accept her findings, but i am forcing myself to this time.

In a way i almost feel guilty that i wasn't diagnosed with ALS which is really a sick feeling. But going to live every day the way. Every day counting myself as lucky.

I will post a copy of my emg/ncv here if figure out how or will send private with it.

Thanks again,


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