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Ok Lumbar MRI came back and as many of u thought it was pretty much a disaster. Every disk had some degree of nerve impingement.

Cervical MRI a mess as well.

No lesions or any sign of MS.

I had neurologist review clinical exam results. She said all normal. In fact she repeated them again and explained each one.

I had her go through EMG w me. She said all of the ALS markers clean. Explained it all. I left w copy of it and mri's.

So where does this leave me. She said welcome to the world of people w unexplained twitches and muscle spasms. She prescribe Venlafaxine for anxiety/muscle spasms and nerve pain.

She believes nerve spasms related to twitching is all based on cervical and lumbar issues along with anxiety.

I will get on Venlafaxine and stay on the Gabapentin 300mg daily and see how it does.

She said she has diagnosed three ALS patients this year and I am not gonna be the fourth.

She has worked two years in ALS clinic w Dr. Appel.

Thanks for all the input guys. Guess I will keep informed as to how new med works. I have emg report if any of u would like to take a look. Would love for someone to look at it if it would make sense.

Thanks again,

Well it's great that you've been cleared of ALS or MS. Did you go to Baylor perchance? I know the woman that is the director there worked under Dr Appel (at Houston Methodist) for a while. That is a highly respected program. I would be very interested in looking at your EMG if you want to post it or you can send it via private message to me if you like. There should be a chart with all the muscles tested, with columns for the various issues (PSWs, Fibs etc). That is the part that is most interesting.

Did your neuro suggest a neurosurgical or orthopedic surgical consult for the nerve impingements? I would highly recommend you go see a spine specialist (which is a neuro or ortho surgeon with specialized spine training that limits their practice to spinal disorders). They don't only do surgery, but are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all spinal disorders. If you're interested there are also some very active spine boards here as well (back problems, spinal cord disorders) that some very knowledgeable members post on.

From experience I know what the twitches, cramps etc. feel like (although my experience with cramps is more like traditional charley horses). I've also had incredible pain, numbness, and tingling, at one time or another so I know that spinal issues can cause some pretty nasty symptoms. I still get twitches pretty much every day, heavy legs, occasional stiffness in my neck and have general fatigue in my left arm but so far I've escaped surgery and am doing ok.

I hope the medicine works well for you and again, I'd try to check in with a spine specialist who if nothing else, could monitor the situation with your spine. I do that every 6 months now to make sure nothing is becoming emergent.

Good luck and take care...

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