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The original upper body symptoms definitely sound like a pinched nerve especially with the loss of range of motion in the neck. The problem with conventional MRIs is that they only show your spine in perfect alignment. In extension, the area for the nerves and spinal cord can be reduced by 35% and injury at that point can cause compression that isn't really visible on standard MRI. Often spine specialists will order flex/extension x-rays as well which will sometimes show issues. This is more common in people with a little bit of instability in the spine. This will show up in MRI as retro/antero listhesis. Do you recall a particular time of onset of the arm/neck symptoms? Was it during lifting or twisting? If so, that could be the issue there. Another possibility with the upper body symptoms is a brachial plexus injury. That would have been initial, very severe, arm/shoulder pain resolving after a few days to a few weeks with overlapping weakness.

Lower lumbar nerve compression could definitely account for the symptoms in your lower body but obviously wouldn't account for the upper body symptoms. As mentioned above though it is possible that was due to a separate cervical process. The dizziness is interesting. It could be the result of damaged proprioceptors in your legs.

Good luck and let us know the results of your other tests.

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