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Hi jillian and chuckstr it brandon Figueroa had to get a new account forgot the other 1 and different email so yes , so anyway guys I'm doing good still have my days where i still belive I have als but it's about to be a year since my symptoms and like i said twitching subsided so much since last year but i do still twitch like the other day my thigh would not stop twitching for the whole day into the next day early morning and my leg even got heavy and weak and i started to think uh oh this it its taking over final als but it went away leg felt fine and twitching went away arms still seem to burn when holding my son or simple thing that aren't even heavy but it's weird I can get a 20 pound dumbell and hold it out to the side in the Air and hold that position for quite a while and I also get the 45 pound plate and lift it with one arm flat in hand and lift it to the sky 18 times and i do that with whatever arm feels weak or burns so i guess that means I'm not weak lol but i also think that's part of my health anxiety self testing everytime my body feels different so i still have that goin on but anxiety is so much better been off kolonpin for 7 months now take vitamins daily but b50 complex Jilllian makes me twitch I think but i need to take it more consisting aly I think to feel a real Chang in my body but the pills I got are as big as a bar of soap lol so that's the only thing since a year so idk DO I HAVE ALS ?OR DO YOU THINK IF I DID I WOULD HAVE NOTICED SOMETHING BY NOW A YEAR ALMOST SINCE SYMPTOMS?OR COULD ALSO PROGRESS SLOW BUT THINK I NOTICED KNOCK ON WOOD EVERYTIME I FEEL WEAK SOMEWHERE ON MY BODY IT GETS BETTER !! ALSO REAL QUESTION EVER SINCE MY SYMPTOMS LAST YEAR AND THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION THAT I NEED HELP WITH MY CALVES IN THE BACK AND SIDE ALWAYS WERE SORE TIGHT HURT ESPECIALLY WHEN I WALK I FEEL IT IT FEELS LIKE I RAN 30 MILES NO JOKE AND I CAN PROMISE WHOEVER READING THIS SINCE LAST YEAR THIS IS THE ONLY SYMPTOM THAT HAS BEEN NON STOP ON BOTH LEGS IT ALWAYS LEAVES FOR A LIL BIT BUT ALWAYS COMES BACK WHAT COULD THIS BE BECAUSE ALL THIS STARTED LAST YEAR AFTER I CAUGHT A BAD COLD AND TOOK ANTIBIOTICS AMITHROZYCIN COULD IT BE C.FS OR FIBRO MYALGIA OR PULMONARY EMBOLISM BLOODCLOTS IN LEGS I'M ONLY 28 I DON'T DO EXERCISE CAUSE MY CALVES HURT SORE IS THE BEST EXPLANATION TO THE FEELING WITH A LIL STIFF SO I'M SCARED TO PLAY SPORTS LIKE I USE TO CAUSE I THINK IT'S ALS BUT IT DOSENT SOUND LIKE IT SO PLEASE REPLY ANYONE WITH INSIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE OH P.S CHUCKSTR AND JILLIAN HOPE YOUR ALL DOING WELL AND THANKS AGAIN FOR HELPING ME WITH ANSWERS AND ADVICE THRU MY TOUGH TIMES LAST YEAR AND THIS YEAR

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