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Re: ALS Scare
Dec 10, 2015
Good Morning James :-)

You are a Godsend, I now know what questions to ask at my follow up appointments. Thank you.

I had to look up fasciculations because I'm not really familiar with all the medical terminology yet. YES! That happens a lot. It happened just this morning in my left leg. I always called them little muscle spasms but twitching describes it perfectly. Also, I do get really terrible cramping. Specifically, my left foot (prior to it becoming a drop foot), it would cramp up like a Charlee Horse, and then my toes would shift or stretch into opposite directions. My husband jokingly says it looks almost "Exoercist" like. I also get lots of pins and needles or burning sensations in both legs.

As always, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Re: ALS Scare
Dec 10, 2015

That will be fine.

Get a copy of your clinical and emg examination results when you meet with your doctors next.

The pins and needles as well as any sensory symptoms have nothing to do with ALS.



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