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ALS Scare
Dec 7, 2015
Hi there ..

I really really really don't want to be one of those "diagnose me" people. However, I'm in the hospital & have been for the last 4 days waiting to be discharged and I'm slightly worried.

I'm a 32 year old female. I started falling a lot in the last couple of weeks. I have a complete foot drop in my left foot. My left hand started showing signs of weakness and I've started dropping things as well. I deal with extreme fatigue, the best way I can describe it is like pregnancy exhaustion times 100. I have other weird issues, what sounds like the "ms hug" tightness in my torso that can last from 15 mins to an hour. Also, I've had muscle spasms that get so bad in the left foot (prior to the foot drop) that would make all toes go in opposite directions. I'm having difficulty swallowing anything and choke up with liquids.
I've had four MRIs over the course of 2 days (brain, upper spine, cervical lumbar and lower back). No messed up disks in my spine or neck, no signs of MS, all pretty normal. CT scans showed no weird signs. Blood work showed signs of b vitamin deficiency but it was 375 and she likes to see it around 500. I had a spinal tap last night and she said it looked "pretty normal". She has ordered an EMG and it will be at 8am tomorrow.
She has ruled out MS but when hubby asked if she has ruled out ALS, she says no it's not out of the question yet but because of it being such a complex disease to diagnose, I am basically a sitting duck waiting for the next bad symptom to hit or to progress in my symptoms to confirm it.
I don't like the sitting duck theory.
She said that it's basically an older gentlemens disease and I have nothing to worry about being younger and female. My research shows that while it's a common older man disease that doesn't exempt women.
There is no explanation for my drop foot, my muscle weakness or fatigue.
Will the EMG show something significant? Or will it take forever to clear me from or even worse my diagnose me with ALS?

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