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Bulbar Onset ALS
Feb 16, 2016
Two neurologists have diagnosed me with bulbar onset ALS. Am heading to Mayo Clinic soon for one more opinion. Symptoms started very slowly January 2013. Now have very slurred speech, some difficulty swallowing and eating (exercises have improved this), some eye twitching, hypersalivation, some emotional lability. Symptoms are limited to face, mouth, tongue, upper throat. All MRIs normal, all blood tests for possible autoimmune or other diseases negative, including Western Blot Lyme. EMG's have shown some cranial nerve damage, no peripheral nerve damage. No cramps, no twitching other than eyes, no difficulty walking, no perceptible weakness anywhere. Take no prescription drugs except low dose for high blood pressure. So, anyone else out there with slow progression bulbar onset ALS and if so, what happened to you as the disease progressed? Or, same symptoms, different disease?
Viking Lady

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