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just left hospital after spending two days...with chest tightness and mild shortness of breath. Have palpitations were in can hear in my ears. They thought heart related did cath nothing.. I have also noticed slight muscle twitching on right calf, right hamstring andleft hamstring, slight numbness or riggt calf comes and goes,facial itching at night especially around nose, now I have lump sensation on throat again like something is stuck....I find myself clearing my throat alot. My vision is blurry at times and eyes feels pressurre, I also feel slight numbness around outside of eyes closed to cheekbones, extreme fatigue, trouble sleeping, left hand slightly weaker than right ....I find my hands go numb if I rest my elbows on anything, get that ant tingly feeling. I get pain on outside of left elbow and radiates to hand making it hard to pick up heavy things because I'll get pain. Headaches alot, slight confusion at times, and short term memory loss, anxiety and depression due to undiagnosed....I can also hear my heart beating in ears.joint and muscle pains on most joints come and go...wrists, knees......bones feel tender.....maybe not related but alot of gas.. no trouble walking...can walk on tiptoes toes and heels painful but can do it fine. Please forward last time I need several experts to weigh in on this. I have no insurance using VA so worried...primary symptoms that started 2 1/2 plus years ago was joint pain, headaches, and fatigue.... they have done 2 mris, spinal tap, emg last yeareply on hands, legs, and feet, and countless of blood tests nothing. Please put this to rest ......this is not ALS or MS is it?

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