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Nope. Also headaches are not a symptom either.

ALS is a progresive disease. It does not get better. Once a nerve connection dies it never works again.

You do not have ALS. It will take awhile for you to realize it. It has already beenn a few days since your last post. Have you tripped and fallen? Have your friends told you that you sound drunk? If not then uou are a few days closer to actually believing that you don't have ALS.

Hang in there. Your fears will slowly subside.

Take care,

Actually not a single new symptom you mentoned is a symptom.of ALS.

You may have some illness, but it isn't ALS. I know ALS pretty well and you are not describing it.

Go out and live because you don't have it. You are wasting days worrying. It is probably taking a toll not only on you, but your family.

Your anxiety probably needs to be addressed, but you already know that. That is normal. You are classic case of someone with anxiety about ALS.

Take care,


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