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I forgot to mention I have weakness in my right pinky and have been dropping things from time to time. Mostly noticeable in the pinky and ring finger. I also have pain in the forearm like it make my hand feel better to rub it. This is really freaking me out
Not as I had hoped. He didn't really test anything. He asked me to lift my foot and roll my ankle. Said I would be falling down etc if ALS and I had zero risk factors (age, gender etc)

I do have weakness in my right hand localized to the pinky. After googling all day, I believe it's my ulnar nerve which makes me more terrified bc I know that can be tied to ALS. This is taking over my life. I'm a total mess and don't know what to do
I totally understand what you're saying. However, I can tell just in the past week that the muscles in my right hand have deteriorated greatly. I did mention to my doctor my issues with anxiety and he referred me to a counselor and I will start that next week.

Also, is it possible to have weakness in the left leg and weakness in the right hand? Like, opposite limbs? Does that sound ALS related?

You have no idea how much it means to me that you reply. It's nice to have someone to talk to

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