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im 19 yo and i have muscles twitching when im sitting especially i keep looking and googling my symptoms and reading about horrible disease like ALS !!! 3 months and I related all my symptoms to all kind of diseases im terrified 💔💔💔💔 im scared of als i did mri and its normal but i thought Als can't be examined by mri.

everything started in October I had shoulder pain in the right side and there was burning sensation in my right breast as well and I felt a little numbness in the right hand. but the pain disappeared the start of November I started looking at everything in my body I swear it's crazy. I was scared of skin cancer although my moles looked normal and I'm still young and I have 0 risk factors and I went to dermatology he told you are fine why you are worrying about this !
I spent November worrying about a lot of things. the beginning of December I was fine but suddenly I had shoulder and neck pain again in the left side I was worried again and stressed what is this. I tried to calm down but I failed I went to the neurology doctor I told him about my pain he did test with small hammer i dunno what to call it sorry and asked me when I started feeling this I told him everything my dad told the doctor that I started taking Accutane in October the start of October but i stopped it at the end of the same month because the doctors told me maybe it's the reason for the muscles strain I was thinking no because only one month and even less like 6 pills were left and I was taking only 10mg.

after reading about symptoms and feeling the symptoms in my body i keep on shaking because im scared and i cry all the day. all my tests are normal i told my it's due to stress but im scared if it's serious i have muscles twitching sometimes only when im sitting in my bed for example when i stand i don't think i have them. i saw that twitching can be related to MS or ALS. and ALS is so scary Im really scared pls what should i do

sorry for the bad English it's my second language ;(

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