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[QUOTE=tetikitty;5445588]OK so I was diagnosed with a DVA last January and I have a small mass in my thymus during that year I've had like clavicle pain I never thought too much of nit until the last few months where my legs ,arms, fingers began to twitch like it feels like small pulses and they are random like I could have one twich on my calf and a few seconds on my other leg, I've noticed a few weeks ago that I have a dimple on my should so I measured my arm and it's smaller than the other I have no weakness i have noticed how sometimes my fingers hurt or my hands kinda cramp up, my wrists hurt my joints hurts, I did have alot of xrays and ct scans and mris over the past 2 years and they didn't found nothing I'm just really worried I have als, I can swallow fine. Breathe fine is just that my body hurts and I don't know why my neck gets stiff I sometimes get cramps around my body .[/QUOTE] and sometimes my abdomen twitches too or I get crampa or my legs jerks or my whole body

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