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Als fears
Jan 23, 2017
Having a fear of als. About a month ago started having tingling in upper back near neck, then tingling in both hands. Freaked me out. The tingling feeling in my back and hands comes and goes now. I am now scared though because two weeks ago, got a tightness in left calf that freaked me out and made me think I had drop foot. Now I have a tightness in my left forearm and and still in the calf, and a weird squeezing sensation. I have bad health anxiety, and have looked up so much on als and it is all stuck in my head. I thought I had als two years ago when I read about the ice bucket challenge and the baseball player who started it that got als when he was 29. That's when all my fears and reading so much about it started. 2 years ago went through test saw neuro and was told I did not have it and my symptoms went away then. Was put on Paxil after that to handle my anxiety. This summer I went off the Paxil and my anxiety started to come back and now since these symptoms started ecspecially the tightness on my left side, which I read that als attacks one side first, I keep having panic attacks. Last week went to the dr for the tingling he did a quick test on my hand strength and said it was wonderful. Sent me for an X-ray, and am waiting for an emg. He brought nothing up about als, it's just my mind goes to the worst place and I am now stuck there. Have not been able to go to work or really leave my house because of the anxiety. Until this weekend my wife finally got me to get out of the house. The tightness in my calf was so bad that we had to leave where we were. I had a minor break down then and decided to try to go back into where we were and the tightness mainly went away in the calf and I didn't really notice it in the arm. The tightness had mainly subsided even into the next day. But now today it has come back. If it was als it would not do that right, come and go? Just looking for reassurance that it is my anxiety, like my wife, family, who of which one is a anesthesiologist, and one a physical therapist, that it's just my anxiety and possibly a pinched nerve. Also what my dr suggested. Just scared and nervous because the tightness is only on one side. Also I'm a 34 m and I do construction work, with pretty intensive labor. Sorry for the very long post.

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