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Hi, just a heads up but I am new to these forums. Some background info about myself: 21yo female who in the past has suffered from health anxiety.

My current symptoms are: slight atrophy in left hand (thenar muscle under thumb), on and off pain in left shoulder and arm, shaking in left hand when holding certain things, at night my chest feels heavy and it feels like I have to put more effort into breathing, swallowing feels off, and muscle twitching (body-wide and daily, but I predominantly feel them now in my left arm).

This all started a month ago when I noticed twitching in my right bicep, I then looked this up on google and was lead to ALS. After this all the symptoms I described above began. Before the atrophying and arm pain in my left hand, I got sharp stabbing pains in my upper abdomen and left shoulder, not sure if this has any relation.

I do have a doctors appointment scheduled but unfortunately not for another 2.5 weeks. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or insight about this, it would be greatly appreciated as I am extremely worried.

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