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Hi all, my names Christian I'm a 21 yo white male. So a year ago I had started feeling weakness in my right hand and I immediately assumed als. It ruined my summer last year. About 3 months later I went to a neurologist and he did an emg which was clean. So I got over it and lived my life for a year however recently I feel as if my symptoms have progressed. My thumb on my right hand begins to get a stiff, locking feeling near the joint if I over use it but it even does it when the hand is at rest. Went to neuro again and he said it sounds more orthopedic but I feel like I've lost so much dexterity in my thumb. If this was als and Ivery had it for a year would it be more noticeable by now? I know at my age it's pretty rare but it does happen. I just want this to be done.

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