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Hello everyone here. I am sorry if this post comes out stupid, but I am very afraid and certain I might have ALS. I currently cannot go to the doctor, which would be useleys anyway. Here are the symptoms...

- started as mild foot stabs, which would be weekly on and off. Then they converted to eletric sensations. They stopped about 2 weeks ago,but converted to muscle pain. This happens in both feet but mostly my left. Idk if they are cramps but i dont feel much tension in these muscles, but I do feel twitching sometimes. This does not happen in the fingers, but the muscles across the foot and heel. This happens in the calf sometimes and thigh.

- The muscle twithing is just sometimes in my calf, thigh and even the both feet. Might be anxiety maybe ? Happens usually when i think about it, and like twice a day. Started getting them about 2 weeks ago.

- sometimes i get little pain in my biceps. ( i did not have time to workout in the past month so maybe that causes it ?)

- This is the symptoms that convinces me the most and probably started showing signs like 5-6 years ago. When I play a football game i start coughing after and feel a little shortness of breath. It lasts about 10 mins or less. This happens only after heavy footbal games, not casual running or weight lifting. And i woke up the last two nights about every 2 hours and feel exhausted. I did not cough, but feel tired. I think this migh be respinatory progression so i have the worst time possible.

I will appreciate every answer, they will mean so much to me and sorry if it sounds disrespectful but i am very worried 😞.

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