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I'm a 36 year old woman and I've had some troubling symptoms. I've frequently been choking on my spit and sometimes on liquids. For awhile I felt like something was in my throat but that seems to have gone. No slurred speech and also not tongue weakness that I can tell. I did try to stick out my tongue and it does move some but not a crazy amount. No weakness in any other parts of my body. My throat does feel tight often and almost a tickle or dry throat. I do have post nasal drip and what seems to be excess saliva. Of course I made the mistake of googling and found Bulbar als. From everything I've read my symptoms kind of fit. I have seen an ent and got scoped through my nose 5 months ago, all clear. No other tests have been done. My other fear is that these are just onset symptoms and that it's just starting to progress or I could be just scaring myself. Thank you for any opinions.
Does not sound like ALS.

I agree, donít google, see your family doctor.

Good luck,


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