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Re: ALS or...?
Jan 10, 2020
[QUOTE=esker;5499893]That's why doctors do tests.[/QUOTE]

Case closed
I went to my doctor today and he performed a grip strength test for me and have a result for completely fine muscle strength in my fingers and arms
My twitching is most likely the result of stress
I do noticed thereís some twitching inside my throat (like something is jumping inside it) no problem with swallowing nor speaking (it fade away from swallowing food and water briefly). Itís most likely because of cricopharyngeal spasmó a common symptoms of stress and anxiety and likely to persist even after I put my mind down and itís not related to ALS. The doctor convinced me by the following
1.If you have limb onset ALS you are first seeing your finger canít curl/ straight or you canít write or something fine. But you are reporting that you are weak in your arms and the test revealed nothing
2. If itís Bulbar onset you cannot swallowing anything in the first placeó the throat twitching is not going to fade away when you swallowing. Which is not your case .
3. Both muscle and throat twitching is highly related with huge stress and thatís your case
I am about 99% convinced by him

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