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ALS or...?
Jan 10, 2020
Hi all
I was researching Stephen Hawking for recreational purposes last Sunday and I specially searched his ALS. the article did mention few of the early symptoms of it including muscle weakness & muscle twitching (like muscle was jumping ). odd enough, I suddenly perceived that I have similar muscle weakness. Esp in the right hand and arm. therefore I was freaked out & searching on google for ALS. Which, although I am told that it is a rare disease (2 in 100,000 compared to 4 in 1,000 for cerebral palsy--which I have ) and it is very unlikely for ppl below 30 y/o to have ALS. i AM STILL SCARED BY THE ODD that I possibly will get that. I am struggling between the thoughts of "I am fine" vs "I am not" constantly. the muscle weakness worsen significantly when I am thinking badly. Soon after, I start to noticing my muscle around the body began to twitch occationally (Note, the twitching happened in my belly and chest predominately BUT NOT on arms, which I suspected weakness). same with the weakness. the twitching drastically increases with negative thoughts and reaches the peak in the lunchtime. when i am in school alone. it gets significantly better in the mid afternoon when I am done with school and until next morning
my mom try to persuade me that I don't have the disease, all i have is but anxiety. BUT I was not convinced by her, even when she talk to a neurologist in China and recieved a reply of "impossible for him to have ALS cuz He is so young"
Re: ALS or...?
Jan 10, 2020
[QUOTE=MSNik;5499882]There is a test for is very easy to get. Talk to your CP doctor. I very much doubt you have ALS, but it does sound like you need reassurance. Make an appointment to talk to your CP doc.[/QUOTE]
The EMG?
Thereís odds
1. Why I started to show symptoms after I read something related to it? Itís not that I am unaware of my body in the past
2. I am in a stressful time prior to this event and that coincides with the symptoms of anxiety or hypochondria
3. The twitching is not spontaneous and it happens to places unrelated to the weakness part
Re: ALS or...?
Jan 10, 2020
Muscle weakness and twitching are also symptoms of anxiety.
Re: ALS or...?
Jan 10, 2020
[QUOTE=esker;5499891]Muscle weakness and twitching are also symptoms of anxiety.[/QUOTE]
But how I can distinguish them?
Plus, I have no problem writing and typing.... which didnít fits ALS

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