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I am a 27 year old female.
In July of 2002 I started having shooting pain and then dull pain in my right leg, the pain would come and go. At first Dr’s thought I had a blood clot because of BC pills, I stopped taking BC pills and had a test done for Leiden factor 5 which cam back positive, I had several Doppler ultrasounds all negative, I did have a positive D-dimer but Dr. said it was non-specific test and would not rely on it. This went on and off for months with the leg pains then I started being tired all the time and was having horrible headaches, which sent me to the ER twice… I was told over and over it was stress the Dr. tried me on several antidepressants, it was a joke…. So finally I did a little research and compiled a list of things to be tested for a few of them were B-12, ANA Lups, Hypothyroid. The thyroid test came back in November at TSH 18 so Dr. put me on Levoxyl and just last week I had a TSH of 2.8. The problem now is that I still have pain and numb weak feeling in my right leg most of the time, I also get muscle twitches and spasms it is somewhat in my left leg but not nearly as bad. This past week I woke up with pain and severe weakness in my right hand and arm, the same on the left but not nearly as bad. I also have been having shooting pains up the sides of my neck and also in my right jaw line. I was told this was stress as well and that I should get a massage. I did get a massage and it was nice but I still have shooting pains. I also have a slight increase in saliva but I have had a cold lately. I also have severe endemotrious discovered when I was 21 and a slight Kyphiosis and scoliosis from childhood. Could this be ALS or some other neuromuscular thing.

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