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What about fibromyalgia?? Were any of these test for fibro?? If you're really really worried, I'd ask for the EMG just to set your mind at ease about ALS. That's what I did.

I think all of us trip and most never think a thing about it, unless you look up unusual diseases on the net and diagnose yourself :( that's what I'm guilty of. My main symptoms are twitching and being tired.

I was told I have benign fasciculation syndrome(an overactive nervous system) I'm hyperthyroid too. I take synthroid and xanax.

I think the main symptom of ALS is weakness..and very profound, such as trying to turn a key. My sister knew a lady that had ALS. Her first symptom was she couldn't hold a diaper to put on her baby. She kept dropping it beause her hands just wouldn't hold it. BTW~she was in her 30's :(

I really don't believe what you have is ALS. Keep searching for an answer!!

Renee :wave:

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