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Im 17 and since the mass-return of my occular migrains a couple of weeks ago, I have been suffering from anxiety. I've self-diagnosed myself with several different diseases already including cancer.

A couple of days ago my muscles started twitching uncontrollably while I was in bed, and all throughout the next day there were doing the same. I was also getting tingling sensations. However, I told my mum about it and although it still happens, the twitching is much, much less frequent and I only tend to notice it if Im thinking about it. Leading me to know in the back of my mind it is probably anxiety, plus the stresses of being back at college and starting a new job.

However, I checked out muscle twitching on Google and happened to come across ALS and its sympotoms, and now Im really scared and finding any excuse to apply other symptoms to myself. Yesterday I said "ambles" when I meant "albums" and decided this was impaired speech. I read something fast aloud today and messed up on a word and decided it was that too. I almost lost my balance when squeezing past somebody in a store today and decided that was clumsiness.

None of my muscles seem weak, I play guitar, can button up my clothes, can balance on one leg (either of them), havent had cramp in years etc.

Does this sound like the onset of ALS, or more like an anxious person jumping to extreme conclusions? I feel diagnosing ALS is too long-winded for my Doctor to put me at ease straight away, which is what I really want. Could anybody give me some support, ways to test myself for anything like this, and most importantly ways to calm myself down? I'm ok if Im at college when my mind is on other things, but if Im on my own and something happens, suddenly I think "ooh its ALS" and I feel all hot and sweaty.

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