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I'm going to try to calm you down a bit here.
Most of the symptoms you are describing are NOT the way ALS usually presents itself!

The earliest symptoms in most cases are true muscle weakness (hands or arms or legs), stiffness, cramping,(note I said cramping, not aching) and twitching. The twitching almost never appears until there has been significant muscle wasting.

Numbness and tingling (called paresthesia) is not a presenting sign.
And achey joints and muscles seem to indicate more of an arthritic/rheumatic issue than a neurological one.

Your neurologist would easily be able to ascertain muscle weakness in minutes. If he sent you home telling you not to worry about ALS, believe him.

Oh yeah, and the fact that your wrist joint ache can be relieved by cracking the joint definitely does NOT indicate ALS.
However, FEAR can make your body feel simply awful.
It can exacerbate every single sensation to the point where every muscle feels "funny" and "tight" which you then interpret as 'weak", right? Tingling is a classic sign of anxiety....and again, a neurologist has cleared you!

Let is know what the rheumatologist says....And stop driving yourself crazy looking up symptoms on the internet!

zuzu xx

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