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Worried I have ALS
Oct 11, 2003
I am so worried I have ALS. About two months ago I had a severe bout of anxiety due to an enlarged pupil pointed out to me by my optometrist. Well, after extensive tests such as MRI, CT Scan, and visiting doctors it was found to be benign. Unfortunately, after all of this anxiety I still suffer from fasiculation all over my body. It has been two months now. The anxiety medication that was given to me helped to curb my panick but my spasms have barely gone away. I did a search on fasics and found ALS and since reading the post I also noticed some dull muscle pain in my left hamstring and my wrist joint hurts. On the other hand I saw a neurologist who ran strength tests on me and did not even see the need for more tests since was strong neurologically. Some more info is I am just turned 24 and I seem to be healthy as I weight lift quite frequently and run. I do not notice muscle weakness or atrophy, but how would I check for atropy? I am confused.

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